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Garic frowned when the girl brought her hand to bear, thinking she had decided to attack again after all; however, she simply held it outstretched, an olive branch of peace. One Garic would accept gladly. Grabbing her hand, he found his way back to his feet, breathing a sigh of relief.

"By the way, my name's Taniya. Miki Taniya. What's yours?"
"Hi Miki! I'm Garic," he said, beaming. "Garic Grant." He began walking towards the nearest doorway to the cram school as he spoke, fingering the key in his pocket. She walked alongside him. "So, you're training to be an exorcist too?" Hmm. Garic thought back over his time in the cram school. Surely he would have noticed such a pretty face sooner if they were in the same class. Were they even in the same class? Hmm... then again, he didn't really go out of his way to make friends, always content to converse with K over real people.

Now that he thought about it, he knew very few of his classmates.

I've noticed her "pretty face" on countless occasions, along with many other interesting things. My vessel should be more observant... And hey! I am "real". Do you think I'm a figment of your imagination you whelp?! How rude!

Garic didn't like K's sarcastic tone, but he didn't have a comeback ready for him—so he simply ignored the rough grainy voice, returning his focus to the conversation with Miki. He'd gotten really good at shuffling his focus over the years, and was able to continue from where he left off without skipping a beat. "That's really cool if you are, cause I am too. In Ms. Jeska's class!"

After a moment, he brought his hand to his cheek, brushing the area with the tips of his fingers. It still stung a bit. Again, it made him think of his sister. "Hey, are you gonna be a Knight?"

As he asked her that latest question, they reached the door he was aiming for. It was pretty simple in its construction, all things considered—maybe even conspicuously so; however, it was located around a slight bend, somewhat out of sight, as if purposely hidden. Garic grinned to himself, hoping to impress his new friend. It was an entrance that not many people knew about. Listening for her response, he quickly removed the golden key from his pocket, slipping it into the keyhole and engaging the mechanism. With a satisfying click, the door opened for them.