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Snippet #2378658

located in Daughtris, a part of Gods of Elements: Sylph's kiss, one of the many universes on RPG.


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Character Portrait: Guy Clansbreath Character Portrait: Hikari Character Portrait: Undine Character Portrait: Kelovius
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Hikari raised an eyebrow, slightly dazzled by Kelovius's words. "You're wrong Kelovius" she stated "the Blackpyre could only see what could be, not what will be. They visions are neither true nor false. The future is still undermined. Our destiny is shaped by our own decisions and actions"

"You think you're the only one who could do something brash and stupid?!" Undine exclaimed and quickly raised her hand straight up, conjuring high velocity water sphere, preparing to unleash it at Kelovius. But Hikari grabbed the goddess of water's hand.

"No, Undine. Calm yourself" said the goddess of light.

Undine grunted and once again jerked her hand away. She stopped the sphere of water, releasing them as harmless rain on to the metropolis underneath.

Suddenly, the one who called himself the god of destruction flew up to them. "We need to band together to stop the Echanii." Guy stated flatly. Guy was being blunt. He eyed Kelovius but could see that he thought the same. "We need to locate a special artifact so I can reach my full power. Without all of us at full power the Echanii will succeed”

Hikari and Undine eyed Guy, flustered. The two wasn’t comfortable by him suddenly leaving in the mid of battle and suddenly appearing without any word of goodbyes and greetings.

“So you are the new M’tun?” Hikari asked. Without waiting for an answer, she continued “Well, Guy. We haven’t made our mind yet whether we should join you or not”.

Hikari turned to Undine for her oppinion. The god of water shook her head. Hikari turned back to Guy.

“Well, it seems that Undine and I will not be joining you. But be warned Guy” she turned to Kelovius “and you too Kelovius” she looked at the two “if any harm would to happen to any of Daughtris’s kind subjects caused by any of you and your subordinates, you will have to answer to my wrath”

“As well as mine” Undine said with a strict tone, a sharp frown was shaped with her brows.