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Stephanie shrugged her shoulders and stepped farther away from Dorian, if he wasn't interested, she wont push it, its not like she was going to throw herself at him. She made a rule to never do that to a guy, or anyone for that matter, because, in the end, it just wasn't worth it. It wasn't like she was some innocent virgin, waiting to be woo'd by some hot guy. Because she hasn't been an innocent virgin since she was 14. But she just wants a companion. Someone she could talk to, but still have a chemistry connection, and that obviously only happened in songs and books. And she knew for sure that Dorian wasn't a virgin. No guy that good looking, that smart, and that good around girls, is a virgin.. Besides the fact that he had confided in her, that he wasn't, but only because she asked him about it.

"I really don't think it's like that between those two," Dorian stated, pointing at Ollie and Travis together. Stephanie rolled her eyes at Dorian's denial, she was almost certain they liked each other more than just friends.. "Hm, maybe Travis is trying to be like a big brother, or something, but why is Ollie blushing so hard? He looks like he is going to rupture something" Stephanie snickered, having found herself funny. Her smile dropped, just as quickly as it had appeared.. "I guess that means Travis isn't my soul mate then, huh?" Stephanie joked and offered a small, painful, and extremely fake smile..

Stephanie looked around and tried to compose herself by pushing her hands through her currently blue hair, but was stopped short by all the tangles and knots. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, 'Eww, I haven't brushed or washed my hair in 3 days!" But it feels more like a week, especially since they haven't ate food in almost 4 days! "I swear I have lost at least 3 pounds, what I would do for food right now.."