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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

Snippet #2379099

located in Inside the Shrine, a part of Legend of the Mountain Shrine, one of the many universes on RPG.

Inside the Shrine



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Character Portrait: Ninna Olla Character Portrait: Kent Lach Character Portrait: Yajirushi no Seishin Character Portrait: Daiki Nagori Character Portrait: Amaterasu Kitagami Character Portrait: Shiro Kobayashi Character Portrait: Hiro Kobayashi Character Portrait: Felipe Alegre
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Daiki was secretly pleased with how well things had been going with his human. The blonde showed no signs of fear and although he did smell like smoke (much to Dai's disapproval) he hoped they would get along fine. "Please eat... They are healthy and shall keep you strong... I cannot have you getting sick." Dai frowned and looked about his garden wondering if they should go deeper or return to the central part of the garden...

But before Dai could decide he suddenly went wide eyed. "Strange... Someone is calling me but they know quite well I am never in my room during the day..." Sighing Dai grabbed Kent's shirt (not his arm he was too shy for actually physical contact) and pulled the blonde along quickly. Dai returned to the central part of the garden and turned to one of the large trees shading one half of his garden. It was difficult to notice but within the wood there was the distinct shape of a door. Dai turned to Kent as he pushed open the door revealing a very plain ordinary bedroom. It seems that the tree door was where a closet should be. "There are many shortcuts and secret areas... I shall show you more latter but keep them secret... Ok?" Dai smiled a gentle awkward smile as he made a 'shhh' motion with his finger pressed to his pink lips. Keeping the door open Dai stepped into his room and pulled open the front door. "Ninna... Has Yajirushi requested my presence... Because if not I believe you two should be getting know one another." Dai's tone was cold not annoyed or happy just cold and emotionless. It took him awhile to warm up to anyone... He'd only begun getting use to the blonde's presence so he already felt overwhelmed just trying to make conversation with the purple headed individual.


Felipe could not express the sheer relief that melted over his body when he saw Shiro looking relaxed and amused. Slowly Feli pulled his hands away from his pink cheeks and smiled. "Hmm... I cook and clean all the time so Il do my very best~" Feli smiled his heart felt... Slightly (more then slightly) shattered at the realization he'd not see his family again... But... What did his mama always say? 'Keep moving forward and always be brave and happy as you can!' Yeah! No way he would disappoint his mama. Smiling Feli rested his chin on his knees which he'd brought up close to his chest. "Hey... Shiro your the spirit of the ocean and the moon right?" Feli's eyes went wide his curiosity causing him to look like a kitten who'd just spotted a yarn ball for the first time. "So... Does that mean your garden is full of water and always nighttime???" Feli squirmed. "I really wanna see it~ I bet it's so pretty~ Il be able to paint lots of things while I'm here... I already wanna paint Amaterasu..." Feli turned to the girl a sweet innocent smile on his face. "You have the perfect eyes to be captured so lively~" Feli giggled. "I also wanna paint Hiro... Your eyes are also really pretty~ Shiro's are too... But I wanna paint him under a bright full moon... I feel like that would be the only time I could capture his essence... Or maybe right now." Feli's fear was slowly falling off and the more he talked about his secret passion for painting the more his features lit up. His smile became happier and his strange expressive blue/green eyes had there spark back. 'I won't disappoint you mama I will definitely find a way to be happy here.'