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located in Rokiku Forest, a part of The Stray, one of the many universes on RPG.

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Amelia watched him as she knelt there. She waited for him to talk. She hoped she would get a reply this time. She folded her hands in front of her. Her hopes rose when he started to open his mouth. Her eyes widen. His teeth looked weird. Her mouth opened and closed. She was left speechless. His teeth? Why do they look like that? They must be fake. Is he struggling to speak...can he speak?

She pushed her thoughts away when he spoke. Amelia looked at him confused. The only thing she understood was the word ow. She looked at his tail. It looks real...but how can that be? He must be in pain then if it is real... Let me go get him some burn ointment.

"Wait here," she said. She got up and ran down the hallway. At the end of the hallway was the bathroom. Amelia entered and looked through the medicine cabin. She got the ointment and returned to where the male was. Amelia knelt down again. She opened the ointment. Amelia placed a pea drop amount on the burnt off area of his tail. She then gently rubbed the ointment all over brunt area. She made sure not to miss a spot. She closed the ointment.

"There you go. Your tail should feel better now. I will be back in a little while. I am going to go wash my hands and then go to the kitchen," she told him. Amelia stood and returned to the bathroom. She put the ointment away. Next Amelia washed her hands. She dried her hands on a black towel which hung on the back of the bathroom door. The bathroom door had steel hooks near the top. Including, her bathroom had a black sink with a matching cabinet underneath it. Above the sink was a mirror which was a medicine cabinet. She also had a stand up shower. Her toilet was black. Above the toilet was a small window. The window had small black curtains to cover it.

She walked out of the bathroom, closed the door, and went to the kitchen. She got a plate from a cabin and two tall glasses. She placed the items on the table. Amelia opened the black fridge. The fridge was against wall opposite of the sink. She got out a gallon of milk. Then she went to the table and filled the glasses. She put the milk back and closed the fridge. Amelia returned to the table. Amelia took each warm cookie and placed it on the plate in a pile. Once the tray was empty she placed it in the sink. Amelia walked back into the living room. Her eyes landed on the male.

"Come on, I have a snack for you. Come on," she said. She waved him over before she entered the kitchen again. Amelia took a seat at the table. There was an empty chair across from her. Amelia took a warm cookie and bit into it. Seconds later she took a sip from her cold glass. She waited for the male to enter the kitchen. Hopefully he understood what I said...