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located in Home, a part of Home, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Yanos Odron Character Portrait: Kalista Raven
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~Yanos Odron~

Yanos stared on at the young woman before him, the morning sun was beginning to shine of the arch of her locks and cascade through the wavering motions of her hair as she stood there motionless. She had this look on her face as if she were puzzling out the answer to a question, of course her reaction to him announcing who he was still lingered in her eyes.
It was obvious that she was slowly coming to terms with the weight of her situation. Raven's lips absentmindedly mouthed separate words as her hand intercepted his and raced too her throat before his and it was then that his mind caught on to what he was doing. Decades doing what he could, when he could kind of built an effort to prioritize need in his mind and it was this mindset that made him act instead of thinking most of the time.

It was also apparent to him that she was feeling awkward for some reason, just being able to pick up on that just by looking at her. As if she wanted to act but the action she would take seemed to bother her. But that was when it hit him.."I can speak through minds, though I don't usually like doing it. It invades privacy, and people tend to get angry" The back edges of his teeth clenched as she made a more formal intrusion then he was used to. He had up to that point only had the pleasure off dealing with several entities that could speak using telepathy, but he himself had his own withdrawals about using ones mind to talk and probe the thoughts of another. A being like himself found that is wasn't so much bad for him, but instead harmful for those that got past his wall and got to the objects on the other side.

"I have a question though... If you're part of the court, and you serve Cain, why did you help me?"

At this point he already acclimated himself to her form of conversation, though he was aware that her's was still somewhat unrefined. The fey that could speak with the mind directly had a whole other method that seemed overly delicate compared to Raven's. Strangely at this point Raven was beginning to feel a sensation that many who did the same too Yanos had felt.

She could feel that as she spoke to him, the act felt akin to that of pressing ones hand on a massive overinflated bubble. The form and mass of which was straining to maintain what it held, or at the very least to withhold from her own grasp. It was apparent though that something valuable was sitting behind this thin veil encased within this bubble and that Yanos himself was used to guarding it from psychics like herself and every time she spoke to him. Her mind received an impression of an overwhelming intensity, that kept manifesting itself as a soft pressure behind her right eye.

Yanos relaxed his mouth as he drew back on his tongue, she was polite enough to at least hold back till now in request of her question and she did wait to speak too him unless it was necessary. "Well.. that is nice.." He had a rather slant look in his eyes as he cut them back towards her and her question was sure in the right place. Which he shifted his head a bit before answering clasped his hands lightly together. "For the most part I know what happens down in those dungeons.. and such a place is no home for a young girl like yourself. Besides my taste for what the King does is rather less then that of his own."
Yanos looks around them for a moment, the morning wind was still blowing softly as his gaze searched the grounds. He was rather spry about the thought that guards may walk up on them any moment or that one of the other castle residents would happen upon them as well.