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Pam could only roll her eyes at her Maker, though a shiver went down her spine at his threat. At least he was still capable of making threats – That was a good sign...right? She hadn't answered his previous question of how much he appreciated her aid – She didn't care whether he appreciated her help or not at this point so long as he got back to normal. This...wasn't him. From the way he once spoke of his previous life as a human, it never was him. Eric Northman did not love anyone but himself and he most certainly did not fall in love with pretty little snacks. It made her absolutely sick to watch them as they left with his arm around her waist. Melody, however, could not imagine a time when she had felt better as she clasped her hands together in front of her before sliding into the passenger's seat.

“Pam seems to want me out of her clothes quite soon and I really would like to wear something besides what she has and t-shirts...” She blushed softly, glancing down at the dainty hands clasped within her lap. She then turned her gaze to him as he reached out for her. She couldn't quite explain in words the way it felt when his cool flesh made contact with her much warmer skin. Sometimes she thought that she almost glowed with elation. She really did glow, of course, but it was often just taken as the way the light was hitting her frame and the glow never lasted long. She tilted her head some so that her cheek rested in his massive hand, her fuchsia eyes closing slowly. “Maybe after that...we could walk around some and explore?”

Her smile was sweet and soft, though Pam's makeover had turned her once angelic and bashful smile was now seductive and alluring, her lucullan ruby lips volumized. Her gaze slowly opened, dragging upwards to meet his own cerulean orbs. His boyish smile brought a flood of blood to her cheeks, reddening them. She quickly sat upright once more and gave a light giggle. The ride was short, as there were plenty of small boutiques to shop at. Melody did her best to avoid malls for fear of the plenty of people there.

Instead, she was content dragging Eric around and modeling outfits for him. Her wardrobe consisted of plenty of cotton dresses, ribbons, bows, hair clips, vintage jewelry, and numerous types of heels and boots. She did grab a few darker outfits that she thought Pam would approve of and would help her blend into Fangtasia since it was to be reopened. Her eyes lit up with every new outfit that she saw and she was quick to grab them. The Chevy Cruz LTZ that they were driving around in was slowly filling up with clothes and accessories. Their trip had begun around 7:30㏘ and by the time she had slowed down it was almost 9:45㏘

She had two bags on each arm as they made their way around the boardwalk and she found herself chatting affably about the numerous musicals that she had purchased. She couldn't remember seeing any of them, but the man at the store had said that if she enjoyed music, good acting, and amazing stories, she would definitely enjoy the musicals. Eric told her that she could get them all. Melody worried for a moment that Pam might get angry for the amount of things that she was buying, but Eric assured her that she could get whatever she wanted. Even if he did tease her every few minutes that she might have a shopping addiction. Even if she did her best to stay cheap. By the end of her trip she had only run up about $3,500. She and Eric had even bought a few electronics – It was 2008, after all. They did have to fit in.

She had finally found herself in a jewelry store, promising him that she was just going to look this time. She separated from him after a few moments in the store to browse around and allow him to look as well; They had some nice male watches. As she was browsing, there were a little more than a few people in the store and their thoughts perturbed her deeply. She tried her best not to hear them, but she couldn't turn it off.

She must be one of those special hookers for Vampires Alex was talking about that one time.

I wonder how much she's getting paid.

Holy shit, those Vampires sure do pay a lot for just some blood and sex.

Disgusting minion of Satan. Probably seduced that poor girl and is turning her into one of them. Reverend Newlin says they can hypnotize you with their devil powers.

There were so many of them and she just wished she could shut them off. She never heard Eric's or Pam's thoughts. Or any other Vampire's for that matter. That is, unless she focused on them hard enough – Which didn't really happen very often. With every thought that entered her head, she could feel her mouth pulling itself into a frown and her eyes slowly begin to water. Just when she thought she was going to start crying a middle aged woman walked over to her and put a hand gently on her shoulder, speaking with a light coo. “Darlin', you don't need to do this. You really shouldn't.” Melody gave a look of confusion and the woman gave a soft laugh. “Whore yourself out to Satan's children, I mean. If you have moment, actually -”

The woman paused and reached into her purse and pulled out a Church of the Sun pamphlet. “Underneath that Jezebel outfit and she-devil makeup I can see an innocent, scared, good Christian girl. Now, I know that your parents must be real sad and disappointed to see you doing this. No matter how low of a point you've hit in your life, this is not the way. These creatures promise you money and love and...” She leaned forward some and whispered. “sex.” Melody rose her hand gently, trying to protest, but the woman didn't seem to notice. “But you don't need that. Because it won't end well. You'll end up “disappearing” when they're done with you or they'll turn you into one of them and there is no salvation for such a damned soul. You just need to give yourself back to the good Lord and let him take your life into his hands. You should consider this and soon. Before its too late. Judging by these scars...You might not last much longer, sug.”

The woman left the pamphlet in Melody's hand and gave a gentle smile, gently caressing the violet-eyed girl's cheek before leaving with a “May His holy light shine upon you.” and leaving Melody with teary eyes and a quivering lip, clutching the pamphlet. There were a few people staring at her, but she didn't meet their gaze. The jeweler behind the counter moved a bit closer and gave a light smile. “Ah, don't listen to her. Those people are a bunch of Bible banging retards.” The blonde's reassuring smile made Melody quickly wiped the tears from underneath her eyes delicately so that she didn't mess up her eyeliner, turning to smile at the woman. She dismissed the thoughts of the holy brunette and found her eyes drawn to a beautiful purple diamond ring and smiled gently. “Oh, that's beautiful!”, she exclaimed, her eyes lighting up a bit. “Nothing like some A-class diamonds to make you forget about idiots, right?” Melody was aware that the woman was kind only to have Melody spend Eric's money in her shop, but she was also aware from the woman's thoughts that she was a regular Vampire snack of her own free will. She blushed softly and shook her head. “I don't know – I've already bought so much...”