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located in Allevent, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.


Allevent, Realm of Caith


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The small girl glared up at the man who was currently looking at her with just as much animosity. True to her final decision, she had not once surfaced since the escapade with the foreign airship. She had only just poked her head out from the cabins when it had been announced that they had arrived at their destination. But now here she was, face to face with the redraklyin who seemed bloody intent on getting on her bad side. The book eater didn't back down at all, peering at him as her grip around her bow tightened.

Just as she was about to growl back at him, the pirate woman stepped between them with a rather unamused expression on her face. "This is still my ship and I won't allow anyone to kill anyone else on my ship! I'm sure Grim will feel the same about this whole expedition since he's in charge of that half. What could she have possibly done to make you want to kill her, hu? It can't be that bad," Zherynnia clenched her fist tighter, sticking her tongue out at the man while the woman continued.

"I think you're still just a bit air sick. Walk around a bit and cool your head, Jedas. Get a drink or something. There's no need for killing. Though, if you wish to have a bit of fun sparing, I'd be more than happy to be your partner."

"No!" The girl exclaimed quite suddenly before the man could properly respond. "If anyone is going to fight him, it should be me." She said firmly with another scowl towards this "Jedas" character. "He dishonored the value of knowledge with his actions and could've endangered us all with his ridiculous need to show off." It was decided, she did not like him at all. Zherynnia was the type to always try and give everyone a chance, for there was always something to be learned from others. But there was nothing of value to him, not if he so needlessly tossed away information.

And it was with this thought that she scrunched up her face briefly and spat on the ground at his feet. Not even bothering to continue, she turned on her heel, stepped around the pirate woman, and walked down the plank to where Grim and Icarus were chatting amongst themselves. Hopefully now that they had finally arrived, she would get the treasure that she was promised. Because so far, this whole trip was far from worth it.


It was the knocking on his door that brought his attentions upwards. The man had been recording down a few notes from the open texts upon his desk. Many notes were scattered about and an ink bottle had been overturned, the drops not heeded as they leaked on to the floor. Yet, there was a small sense of organization to the chaos before him. Books were grouped by category, notes stacked atop one another in a large (albeit precarious) pile. He would've continued his research if not for the noise from outside his door that alerted him of another presence.

His golden eyes found their way to the figure of a woman, slightly older but modestly touched with that age. "Sorry for the interruption, Sir," She said lightly, not making any moves to enter into his study. He shook his head and smiled kindly at her, putting his quill down atop the papers.

"Not at all, did you need me for something?" He asked politely, casually moving one of his papers atop another to shield the information. As sociable as he could be, he still preferred it if others did not see direct information pertaining to him. The woman nodded, gesturing behind her.

"Ah yes, well, there is a young woman here to apply for the assistant's position? She mentioned the flier in the main square." His eyes lit up--ah, right, it hadn't been that long since they had put up that flier, had it?

"Of course. You may send her in then." The woman nodded as she closed the door behind her once more, giving him a little bit of time to at least make his desk semi-presentable. It was then he noticed the ink bottle, still leaking on to the floor steadily. Ah well, nothing to be done about it now. He tilted it back upwards, making a mental note to clean that up a bit later on.

The woman returned shortly with another who was taller than her, far too tall, in fact. He scanned her over briefly as the young woman took the seat that was offered to her, long blond hair tumbling around her shoulders as she sat. He had always been quick with his observation skills and it did not take him long at all to notice her pointed ears or willowy form. This woman was an elf, one would have to wonder what she was doing in this particular part of Adelost.

Still, he had never been one to turn down those that walked into his Archives. Those who pursued knowledge came from all works of life after all. He smiled warmly at her, noticing the slight tenseness she had about her and hoping to set her at ease. "So you're here about the flier?" He began, choosing a more rhetorical question than any to begin with. "You came just at the proper time, we've been a bit, shall we say, overloaded with paperwork as of late. As you can no doubt tell from the state of my desk, I'm sure." He laughed a little, a charming sort of chuckle before shaking his head a bit.

"In any event, let me give you a short run-down of what will be required of you if you do acquire the job. This particular archive is the largest of them all in Adelost and is home to tens of thousands of books. I'll not bore you with the specifics of departments and sub-departments of literature here but needless to say, there is a book for everyone here." He paused, taking a moment to look her over again. She was a reserved one, seemingly quiet at that. Not bad qualities to possess but he wasn't one to pry.

"The job is more of a personal request of mine. Lately, it's just been difficult to manage the books here, primarily because I haven't had a lot of time to devote to the archives as I normally would. That being said," He smoothly moved away from that particular topic, no need to inform her of his personal responsibilities. "You would be responsible for sorting, categorizing, and marking off literature, starting with a section on the first floor. Before I get into too much detail, why don't you tell me about yourself?" He raised his eyebrows slightly, leaning forward in his seat to look at her more closely.

"Primarily, what brings you here, to the archives?" He decided not to bombard her with a series of questions. She did not look like a city-goer, she lacked that certain air about her. Even so, he could not simply let anyone who applied for the job work merely because they "looked nice" or "acted a certain way". He smiled at her one more time to perhaps lighten the atmosphere between them. After all, if the would be working together in the future, it would be best to be on amicable terms rather than distant ones.