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located in White-walled Adelost, a part of Allevent, Realm of Caith, one of the many universes on RPG.

White-walled Adelost

White-walled Adelost


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The elf sat on a couch, waiting for the return of the elderly human who had promised to return with news of this Ambrosia character. Surely it would not have taken this long for her to come back out and inform her that they were not looking for someone like her--an elf too far away from her home and with no business doing anything in Adelost at all. She observed a few passersby take a few glances in her direction, doing their best not to gawk for too long at the blonde with the bow protruding from behind her back.

After a terse minute of waiting and twiddling her thumbs, the elf saw the woman from behind the desk return. "If you'd come with me, ma'am, I'll take you back to Mister Ambrosia's office--he wanted to speak with you, sort of an interview."

The elf, with no other options at this point but beginning to regret her decision to come to the city at all, smiled weakly and followed the woman to the back of the archives to a small secluded office with a label marked in golden letters: Ambrosia.

"Oh, don't look so nervous, dear--he's rather friendly, especially to the ladies." The woman from behind the desk gave a smile before opening the door and allowing the elf into his office.

The first thing she noticed were the papers strewn about every which way around the room. There were small ink stains on the floor that she managed to catch glimpses of in the right light, but the elf felt it best to not make any mention of them lest the man sitting behind the desk would mark that against her. The figure--Ambrosia, from what the door suggested--offered the elf an open seat across from his desk, which she gingerly sat in after stepping around some papers that had been left on the floor.

It was at this moment that the elf noticed the antlers protruding from the sides of his head. Her heart began to race as she thought back to the Xioban girl and her familiar--was this man selde taure as well? And if he was, did he have a familiar as mischievous as Xerxes? Another horrifying thought flashed across her mind--what if Xioban had found out about her arm through her familiar, and then told this Ambrosia character? The elf's skin began to crawl with goosebumps, although a chill in the air could have easily been to blame for the outbreak if he asked.

"So you're here about the flier? You came just at the proper time, we've been a bit, shall we say, overloaded with paperwork as of late. As you can no doubt tell from the state of my desk, I'm sure." Ambrosia was attempting to lighten the mood before breaking the news, wasn't he? The elf forced a weak smile at his joke, not sure whether she should relax or continue to stay on her guard. If he knew something about her, anything at all, it would have been better to get it out in the open...

"In any event, let me give you a short run-down of what will be required of you if you do acquire the job. This particular archive is the largest of them all in Adelost and is home to tens of thousands of books. I'll not bore you with the specifics of departments and sub-departments of literature here but needless to say, there is a book for everyone here." Ambrosia stopped to look the elf over once again. What was he looking at? What was he looking for? Was he searching for something on her arm? Did he know? What would happen to her if he did know something?

"The job is more of a personal request of mine. Lately, it's just been difficult to manage the books here, primarily because I haven't had a lot of time to devote to the archives as I normally would. That being said, you would be responsible for sorting, categorizing, and marking off literature, starting with a section on the first floor." The job itself did not seem too difficult for anyone with a working mind, which was good news in case somehow everything went according to plan and nothing went horribly wrong...

"Before I get into too much detail, why don't you tell me about yourself? Primarily, what brings you here, to the archives?"

The elf froze, not quite knowing how to answer this question. She had come in the hope that she could find some work in the city... or perhaps the answers to questions about her arm--but she couldn't tell him that! Even if he did know something about what she was experiencing, what if he only wanted to exploit her? Use her for experiments? Surely a man of science could win some sort of award for discovering this... this abnormality that grew on her arm...

"...truth be told, Mister Ambrosia..." the elf began, clearing her throat and coughing into her left sleeve. "...I... I'm in a bit of debt... I owe an acquaintance a bit of money, and I need a job that does not require a lot of manual labor and strength... As you can see, I'm not quite suited for that kind of work..." her voice trailed off, not quite sure whether she meant that as a joke or not.

" any case, I would have come here anyway... to do a bit of research on my own time..."

You know he's going to pry and ask, right?

Just be as vague as possible; don't go into any more detail than you have to...

Dismissing the thoughts with a shiver, the elf forced herself to look up at Ambrosia for a second before looking back down at the papers atop his desk. Why was she so afraid to look up at this man? Was it because he potentially knew something that he should not have? Was it because he had the authority to refuse her offer of help? Was it because she was an elf and he was... a humanoid figure with antlers? No matter the case, she knew that she looked absolutely terrified in front of him and that if she wanted any sort of opportunity to get past all of this nonsense with Xioban and her familiar, this was the only way without having to resort to begging on the street...