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Connor smirked and made a silly face as Kieran approached, "You got me! Here's your prize!" he said throwing a bag of candy into Kieran's hand, which he dropped on the ground at his brother's next words, "Be careful with that, it's got our favorites in it." Connor deflected, trying to weasel his way out of Kieran's vise-like grip on his wrist.

The pair of brothers, who were nearly inseparable from birth were thinking the exact same thing. There were tanks, and planes, and other national guard equipment attacking the creature, but there was no way they could stop it. Further, there was no way Kieran was gonna let Connor fight alone. Kieran and Connor had spent less time together the last week or so, as Kieran had spent a lot of time with Melody, but he and his brother have always been a team and they always will be. Kieran arrived at Connor's side before he did anything stupid. "Dude, you ain't gonna fight that thing alone are you? Cause you know we're a team, we have been ever since that time I put superglue on the toilet and mom was stuck there for two hours. Neither of us confessed and we both got punished instead. We're doing this together, you, me, Nox and Hans. I won't have it any other way." Kieran said a serious stoic expression on his face, something almost no one has ever seen before.

Connor's face was not the usual silly one, but rather an exact copy of Kieran's somber expression "Not this time little brother," though Kieran was his elder by almost a year. "This time, I want you to watch me. You spent a lot of time with Mel this week, and that's been really good for you. I can see the brother of mine who you used to be. The one before the pranks and the bullies. The real you. Don't get me wrong," Connor chuckled, his face softening for just a second, "We've been getting into trouble since we perfected the fake, 'I'm sorry puppy dog eyes', when we were three. Still, she's so good for you. Don't screw that up just for me. I'm your brother. I'll love you no matter what. Now do as I say and go tell Jaxon that I'm going to test that sucker out. I can give you guys some good intel if I go in first and soften it up for ya." Connor smirked. "Besides, part of me just wants to show off a little for his younger brother. After all, I was either with Ms. Brumfield or in the library all week. Lemme show you how it's done." Connor finished with a wink. Hans jumped down from his perch on Connor's shoulder. "Ready Hans? Begin Alpha formation." Connor said, acting as if the conversation with Kieran was over, and Kieran was too shocked at what was happening to do anything. Connor's body glowed with light, evidence of the strong magic bubbling up from deep inside. Hans's body grew at an exponential rate. He didn't stop until he was as big as a tiger, and had long teeth, wicked claws, and dark brown stripes to match. "Take me to the horizon Hans." Connor said, mounting his not so little fox-demon. At that, Hans jumped, carrying Connor into battle. Just before it was unsafe, Connor turned around and winked at Kieran once more. In response to the wink Kieran snapped out of it, "CONNOR WE'RE A TEAM DON'T DO THIS!" Kieran said jumping into the ground and shadow running after his brother and Hans, Nox followed suite just behind him. Kieran reached out towards Hans, if he could just grab Hans's leg he could pull them both into the shadow and they could make a plan together, Kieran has only once before successfully taken another person into the shadows, but he knew it was the only way. He lunged, his hand missed, Hans kept running. Kieran stood out of the shadow and watched as his brother fought the creature, alone. He fought well, alone. Kieran knew he couldn't do anything to help, Kieran could protect himself, he might even be able to protect Connor, but he couldn't fight back. He knew that so he conceded, this was Connor's fight, so he stood and watched. "Oh my God" Kieran said to Nox, as Connor shifted into a whale. "He finally did it, I'm so proud of him." At these word Hans fell and landed right into Kieran's hands. "Han's what's he doing?" Kieran asked, but Hans didn't respond.

The creature turned and started to walk towards Melody, Kieran ran, Hans now perched on his shoulder they way he had with Connor thousands of times before. Kieran ran as fast as he could but it was too late. Connor got there first and took a sword to the chest a result. Kieran dropped to his knees and grabbed his brother who had whispered something to Melody. Connor turned his head towards Kieran and said "How much trouble you think Mom'll put me in for this?" Connor said joking, Kieran chose not to reply. "Kieran." Connor said, completely serious. "Don't eat all that candy at once. You'll get fat. Look after Hans and our sister for me. I'll see you on the flip side, but not till you're way older, ok? It's time to leave now." Connor said, feeling weak. He was so cold. "But before I go, I need you to promise me something. Be yourself. Don't live your life for me. Do it for you." Connor said, a smile on his face. With that, his eyes closed and he breathed his last; that goofy smile was still on his face.

Kieran didn't say anything, he didn't want to accept it. He didn't even notice Melody shed a single tear, he wasn't sad, he was just ... angry. His body began to spark with electricity, but it was black, not the usual blue, this wasn't normal electricity. Kieran walked away from his brothers body, towards the empty area that his brother just fought in, the beast preoccupied with destroying more buildings and Kieran didn't care. As he walked his anger grew and after a few steps his body was engulfed in flame, while still sparking. Kieran screams expressing his anger, his howl is filled with sorrow, regret and pain. Suddenly the ground begins to crack, pieces of earth lift up and the air around Kieran begins to flow violently around him. "Hans, Nox, What's happening, I'm scared. Usually I can barely make a spark, where is all this coming from, and Air, Earth, when did I get the ability to control those?" He communicated to his demon, demons, he had two now. "Just relax, you have control, think small." Nox replied hoping it would help. Kieran closed his eyes and tried to gain control, when he opened them things were worse, now the water was under flowing with the air and rocks. "It's not working guys. What do I do?" Kieran said out loud this time. "Calm down kid, you can do it, focus. Find a point within you and focus on it. Make bring yourself into it." Hans said knowing that the imagery would help Kieran to focus. At first it worked, the five elements still moved as violently as they had been, but they were condensed down to an area about six feet around Kieran. The bubble of dark elemental energy was so dense no one could see in, and Kieran could not see out. He focused trying to calm the struggle, but he lost control. The energy exploded outward, decimating everything in a forty foot area, creating a crater twenty feet deep. Kieran fell down to his knees at the center of the crater and looked around, no one was hurt. He had destroyed tons of streetlights, and cars and buildings, but he didn't hurt anyone. He let out a sigh of relief and walked back to Connors body. "I'm sorry." he whispered. "I'll take care of Taryn, but we both know she can handle herself, in fact when I tell her what happened we all know she'll come up here and kill you herself." Kieran spoke as if his brother was alive. He reached down and grabbed his brother's wallet opened it up and grabbed a picture of it, it was a picture of Connor and Taryn. "Goodbye Connor, I'm gonna miss the shit out of you." He said and then turned to Melody, and without saying a word he walked up to her and stopped about three feet from her. His head was held low, and he cried. He cried harder than he ever has before, as he wept he gripped the picture so tightly in his hands the it slipped through his fingers falling to the ground. His body was shaking and convulsing, his legs gave out and he fell to the ground. He cried on the ground convulsing unable to handle the emotions, his brother, his partner in crime, was dead, gone, and wasn't coming back. His emotions flowed out, the tears falling from his face dampening the ground beneath him.