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located in Niihama, a part of The Multiverse, one of the many universes on RPG.


The homeworld and capital of the Taiyou Empire, Niihama is a polluted, sprawling world where the eastern hemisphere is covered entirely by a densely packed, massive multi-layered city.


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In the dark, damp, and wretched corners of a lone alley way The air began to stir, where before no wind had ever blown. Yet now, on this night, it seemed as though the wind had become a torrent of anger and rage. As the gusts became stronger, feint sparks of blue could be seen from the a midst the swirling dirt and debris. Soon the sparks became stronger, thicker, and more condensed until the swirling torrent of wind had become a glowing blue sphere at the end of this once deserted alley. With a sudden pulse of force, and a thundering crack the sphere vanished...

Towards the entrance to the alley lay a body. Clad from head to toe in armor never before seen by the races of this planet, battered, burned, and still smoldering from its journey but still holding its metallic blue shine. It was clearly the body of a female, for the armor clung tightly to reveal her figure. With such struggle, one of her hands reached forward to draw her toward the alleys side walk.

"Liara" the girl said in her native tongue

*I am here Lady Kara* her AI spoke to her *I am attempting to access this planets mainframe*

The girls strength was to weak to pull her forward

*Contacting Emergency Personnel* a pause "Stay with me Kara*

And so the weakened body of this armored alien female, lay at the entrance of a forgotten alley, as medical
personnel made their way to her location.,,,