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Snippet #2389273

located in The Courtyard of Iracot, a part of Althaea, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Courtyard of Iracot

The God-Queen's Dais is a vast courtyard that can hold almost the entirety of Iracot's citizens.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Sarene Iracot Character Portrait: Orfea Pathen Character Portrait: The God-Queen's Knights Character Portrait: Parem' Zel
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"You dare to blaspheme your God-Queen?" The words echoed across the courtyard... "Seize her!" the god-queen had ordered. "Well, that's my Que." Parem whispered to himself. He glanced at the kid burning alive. He could have stopped the fire, but it was too late. He would be long dead before Parem could get him to safety.

With fury in his golden eyes, Parem leaped up onto the sacrificial platform next to the girl. He quickly unsheathed his Elvish made Black Falchion sword and made direct eye contact with the God-Queen. "Not today you foul witch." He shouted with anger and confidence in his voice. The knights began to charge but before they could approach them, Parem formed a meter thick ring of fire around him and the girl. Sweat began to bead down his forehead. He had to force himself not to fall to his knees because of the immense amount of energy needed to sustain the ring wall of fire. Then he grabbed a hold of the girl and with a loud shout "DUROCK!"...

A dark shadow overcame them as the elephant sized, black feathered Griffon rocketed toward the ground next to them. The Griffon made an ear piercing screech that made many of the windows surrounding the courtyard shatter. Suddenly the ring of fire disappeared and using the last bit of energy he had left he grabbed a hold of the girl and lifted her onto the Griffon. "Pardon me miss, but our ride is here." With all the strength he had left he glanced back at the knights that were now almost upon them, then jumped onto Durocks back.

Without a moments notice, Durock spread his wings and soared into the air away from the courtyard...
But not before a rouge arrow pierced Parem at the back of his right shoulder...
With incredible pain, Parem broke the arrow and collapsed on Durocks back bleeding heavily, unconscious.