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located in Purplexia, a part of The Right to Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Lady Dream Character Portrait: Starlight Character Portrait: Wolfe Shaeffer Character Portrait: Captain Rubber Fruit
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“Get ‘em."

At that moment, the man behind the bar pinned down Rubber by one of his shoulders. He brought a knife down next to his neck, narrowly missing. The Captain swung his hook back, piercing his attackers clothes and skin. He then brought back his other hand, and flipped the man over him. He then leapt over the side of the bar, placing a safe barrier between the oncoming soldiers and himself. He looked over to see a man brandish a crossbow and fire it into a crowd, killing a chainmail soldier. A rebel.

Rubber fluently grabbed a small red container out of his pocket. He unshealthed out his scimitar and placed the liquid from the vile on his fingers. He quickly ran the substance on the blade of his sword, as he had done many times before. He stood up to see Star slamming a chair onto the heads of two soldiers. He laughed, she was ready for this, obviously in expectation.

He slid over the top of the bar, feet first into a guard standing backwards, knocking him off of his feet. He fell onto the ground and Rubber kicked him hard in the ear, leaving him unconscious. He quickly ran up to Star and the Queen, slicing a soldier making his way up to her in the legs, leaving him on the ground.

"So then, I think now would be a good time to leave. Through the window, perhaps?" The Captain winked, looking at Star.