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located in Bakery, a part of Hearts Sweets Bakery, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Naota Hamada
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Naota woke up at the terrible sight of light coming from his window. He closed the curtains the night before, and the only person who would do that was either his mother or brother. Of course. The night before, he was tired from reading one of the books he just got, which he actually finished. Despite his threatening look and behavior towards most people, well... everyone had to have a hobby, isn't that right?

He got up tiredly, his eyes half closed and his clothes and hair messy. In fact, he didn't even change out of his clothes from the day before since the first thing he did was read, and then read some more until he fell asleep eventually.

He didn't care about changing into better and more suited clothes though, since he was too lazy. Then, suddenly, someone came to the doorway; his brother, "Naota, you got up later than usual."

"Because I was reading..." He yawned tiredly.

"You don't wake up at 2:15, do you? And it's actually 2:15 in the evening actually, not in the morning." His brother shrugged, "But whatever you say then..." He quickly rushed back down the stairs, knowing the big deal his older brother would make.

But since Naota was still tired, it took him a little while to process until his family was downstairs when he seemed to have shouted, "2:15! Are you joking me! I thought you two were supposed to wake me up! Especially you, moron! Thanks to you I missed my first day! Bastard!" He growled in hostile way. And that is how the double sided young man missed his first day of college, like he did the year before.

Though, Naota couldn't say he really cared, since he really didn't, only for his mother and brother. When he went downstairs, better looking than he was before now, he said his greeting to his family, especially his mother who was ill and sitting tiredly in a rocking chair and had a mask around her mouth, "Morning- Eh, Afternoon, Mom." Naota said, stopping himself after noticing the actual time. His voice, unlike usual towards his friends, stranger, and sometimes his brother, he spoke in a gentle tone to the sick woman.

"You woke up quite late today. Did you not sleep well?" She asked, putting down the book in her own hand. Apparently, reading ran in the family somehow.

"Nothing's wrong." He answered honestly, "I was just staying up and reading a book. It was a good one, I recommend it." Naota said quietly, taking a small piece of bread outside of the pantry and placing it into his mouth. He found himself a bit of a pain to handle, so he usually spent a lot of time away from his family, only to be seen in the morning, then at night and in a repeating cycle. Yet somehow, the three were very close, "I'll be back later, a little earlier than usual since I'm quitting one of my part time jobs. See ya." He waved before closing the door behind him.

Naota had quite a lot of jobs, some which he had in famous articles, and some which were useless and too much work for such little pay. One of them was a photographer, which he only had twice a month, another was a cashier, then there was a beta tester sort of thing, and a whole bunch more that he was going to stick with, and dump when the time would come.

The one he was headed for next was actually the photography one, but he didn't have to go anywhere for that. All he had to do was take pictures of either interesting people, new places, or pretty scenery that someone may be interested in. That's why he kept a camera of his hanging around his neck; so he could do his job.

He took a picture of a small river he came across, since his walks nearly lasted for hours and he'd usually have to get directions to find his way back, a few people with their permission of course, and then he came upon a sort of... cafe? No... it wasn't a cafe. A bakery, "Odd." He thought to himself while he stared at it, the name being 'Heart Sweets bakery,' 'I don't remember seeing this, and no one told me of this news? The hell is with that...' He wondered, and took a picture of it, not really caring to ask.

But what did catch his attention was that it was a bakery. Not for his job though, just him, himself. Naota, although he hated admitting it, had a love for sweets. To be right in front of one that just opened... it was painful to hold himself back from going inside. All he did was stare at the shop, trying to decide whether or not to go inside, or just wait until his friends would join him so he wasn't going to embarrass himself by being alone.