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Snippet #2389650

located in The Courtyard of Iracot, a part of Althaea, one of the many universes on RPG.

The Courtyard of Iracot

The God-Queen's Dais is a vast courtyard that can hold almost the entirety of Iracot's citizens.


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Character Portrait: Orfea Pathen Character Portrait: Shiabiann Xao-Lai Character Portrait: Magnus Ightlor Character Portrait: The God-Queen's Knights Character Portrait: Cordelia Ightlor Character Portrait: Calor Elohan Character Portrait: Parem' Zel Character Portrait: Alber Roth Character Portrait: Melody Graven
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Enrico was outraged; not only had Orfea done a dis-service to their Lady, but she had dishonored him by taking his weapon, only to cast it upon the ground. The other Knights on the platform were stunned; but not for long.

As soon as the God-Queen ordered her seized, they went into action. Magistrate Selwyn, with a fury that matched his importance, got to her first. Placing his dagger to her neck, he speaks a few words, before Marcus and Charley both move forward to take her by the arms and lower her head to the ground. Enrico had retrieved his Scythe, and was preparing to administer the God-Queen's will.

Gabriel had watched the proceedings with disgust. To think, one of his own would dare defy their God-Queen. She deserved more than a quick death, but it was not his duty to decide.

With Sarene going back into the Palace, her personal guard in tow, it was now Gabriel's duty to quell any sort of dissent that might rise. Seldom did it occur that people were displeased after a ceremony, but a public outcry of this sort... he was pleased to have Magistrate Selwyn providing words of wisdom and complacence to the crowd. Political creature though Gabriel was, his pursuit was more direct than diplomatic.

Ostdarva waited in the bell tower. He was stationed there to utilize the fullest of his skills; the long-range rifle he bore. Many of the words from the crowd below failed to filter up to him, but the voice of the God-Queen always managed to find him.

Orfea would die.

It was not his duty to administer that death, however; his was to ensure none sought to stop it. And, through his magnification glass, he could see... one man, amidst an unmoving crowd, rushing forward. He aims down, taking his time...

In the crowd, several Knights were hunting for Orfea's dishonored family. They would submit to execution, or they would die more messily; they were not concerned. Dravinglov and Naya, however, had been keeping their eyes out for more noticeable actions, moving towards the raised proceedings in order to do so.


Calvin, out in the courtyard, remained largely silent as he watched the proceedings between Magnus and his sister. He was tactful enough to realize the gravity of the situation. And he knew something had gone wrong in the Courtyard, which further steeled his usually more relaxed attitude.

He was surprised, none the less, when Magnus addressed him. "Of course," he replies in surprise, then hardens his voice. "No harm shall come to her while I yet live," he says seriously. All the past few minutes were in the past, as far as he was concerned.


Before the full proceedings could be brought against Orfea, the man from the crowd leaps up onto the platform; drawing their weapons to defend themselves, the Knights move against him. Through some means of magic or skill, he had evaded them and, despite it all, brought himself next to Orfea.

The Knights could not penetrate the flame, but when the great beast had flown down and carried the man and woman away, they could strike.

Or rather, Ostdarva and Dravinglov could strike. Dravinglov's rifle was unslung and aimed skyward, and he fires. With such a swift target, hitting it from the ground would be difficult, but he was a skilled marksman. The true shot would come from Ostdarva. Biding his time, he had waited, through the attack, into the retreat, waiting for the perfect shot... and it came, just as the beast became level with him in the high tower.

He fires, seeking to send his shot through not the man, nor the beast he rode, but Orfea. The God-Queen's will would be done.

He begins reloading his weapon reverently. If he hit his target- or any of those who had been within his sights- the Knights below would deal with the remains.


The blast from Ostdarva's rifle was the last sound in the Courtyard before the speech of Calor. The Knights, even Gabriel, had stood at attention in response, save those who had begun hunting the Gryphon and its cargo. They were watchful, seeing the people respond, and bow. A few did not. Those few would be hunted. But for the moment, they had bigger plans to commence.