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located in Bakery, a part of Hearts Sweets Bakery, one of the many universes on RPG.




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It was just wrong to wake up just like that. Mara rubbed her eyes and looked around. She was alone. Well, actually it was not something she should wondering about because in her dorm room she had not a roomate yet, but she was still quite angry. Where is the bird melody that wake her up? Her mornings should be like that in the picture books! And then, and then... suddenly she got up off her bed to the window and opened it wide. Yes, she wanted a warm breeze to come and greet her... then birds coming and placed themselves on her hand. "Come..." She muttered, but something else already came flying... a leaf, right into her face. If you ask whether it was pleasant or not... yes, it was indeed unpleasant. And Mara was definitely not in a good mood after that.

Though she is always so expressionless, a frown showed on her face as she locked the window again. What did she lack? Charisma? Beauty? Why didn't just one bird wanted to come and sing for her? It's not like Mara had bad intentions... She sighed and looked outside, how without opening the window. The sun already was in the highest place. It was already so late. Mara stared at the sun, as someone announced something - her stomache wanted to eat. And she should go - now - before it hurts even more. She looked around, as if searching something in the dorm room where she just entered. She didn't done with unpacking yet. It was still too soon for that.- or well, she was too lazy for it too.

Her eyes fell on the magazine on the table. A colorful magazine. And she definitely didn't buy it because she wanted to cook - she wanted someone to cook for her. So she labelled a particular page with an advertisement for a bakery. "Hearts Sweets Bakery... Cute name..." She had muttered that time. Now she was back smiling, grabbing the magazine and searched for the page again - wanting to know where exactly the bakery is. After one second staring at it, she put on some outside clothes, without even combing her hair and walked outside... without even considering that she, even though she knew the adress, doesn't know where to find the street. That's why she just stood there and looked around, placing her hand on the stomache. "Hungry..."

She said walking around the town - definitely lost the right way.


ImageHmm... How beautiful life is, right Shone? Shone had woke up very early preparing everything, baking everything and smiling on his whole face. Exceptionally there, his smile was not forced. He had learned to love baking and the whole bakery from his uncle. It was a delight to see his skillful hands preparing new and fresh sweets and breads for the coming day. Shone Tsugu was someone who didn't believed in miracles or destiny, but he had a good feeling that day. Him searching for 3 employees was true. Not like he lacks them, he just wanted more company. Him being alone at his apartement just above the bakery and already being left by people that meant something for him... he had been very lonely. It was just logically for him to seek company?

But not just that, People liked to see young females and young males serving sweets for them. Maybe like that, they feel even more near to them? He didn't know, but if he served, it would just be a bother. He disliked to fakely smile, even to customer. So he just bake everything in the morning, and the rest will be done by his little employees. He had quite the smirk on his face. Somehow he had an unusual hunch that he'll get much company today.

It was then when Kamiko came inside. Although she was definitely not the kid who can be friends with anyone in seconds, she was a nice kid, and did her best. Shone respected it and smiled as she then immediately started to work. He wanted to greet her walking outside the kitchen, as suddenly a cute kid in company with others came inside. It surprised Shone quite a bit, but he liked the sudden surprise. It was a delight to see that many people wanted to work here. Suddenly Kamiko went back - crying. Embarrassement? She shouldn't be like that. Shone was very worried about her, so he just came to the friends who wanted to work, put out the menu and a notice block and offered them to the bunch who wanted to work. "Nice to meet you. My Name is Shone Tsugu, you may call me just Shone, and I own this bakery. How about trying it out before you decide to take the job?" He threw the attention back to the menu and the notice block he had on his hand and smiled. "So... Who wants to serve and who helps me in the kitchen?" He asked seeing a customer already there. "Don't let a customer waiting for you..." Smiling, he placed the menu and the notice block on the table just beside them and signed one to follow him. "I want one of you to come with me too - searching for the cute girl from before. It seems like she is feeling shy. But it will be gone for sure if she saw how nice you all are and there is nothing to be shy about."

Indeed, he wanted her to be more open. Because those bunch of friends didn't seem to be bad persons. So why is she so shy? In his whole 'Carrier' as a baker, he never saw such a shy girl before. But maybe it was amusement that was shown on Shone's face. He liked that kind of diversion. It would be boring if the day was just the same right? So he just went off to the direction Kamiko disappeared to - leaving the decision to those bunch of college students.