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located in Purplexia, a part of The Right to Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Poliferus, Sierra & Synclair

Poliferus chuckled happily at Sierra's words when it came to himself and her father. The man was brilliant, and Poliferus was honored to know him, as well as his children whom he could almost call his own. The girl especially reminded him so much of a life he had rejected. Of course if he chose to he could've juggled General with father, but having first gained his title at a young age, the hassle was too much. Looking back now, he almost wished he'd accepted it before, his age and experience having finally served to open his eyes to reality. Nevertheless, he was grateful for what he did have.

Only the look of concern and doubt on Sierra's young face at the mention of the Baron was enough to erase the man's smile. Her less than pleased tone at the thought of the esteemed man's troops was even more upsetting. Poliferus would be sure to address that matter separately. Until then, Poliferus silenced himself in order to listen to the recent missions that had been assigned to the girl.

Poliferus frowned deeply at the girl's words, understanding the conflicting emotions she felt. In a fatherly and defensive way, he was very much displeased with the girl being placed into positions where she'd had to succumb to killing someone. The thought of Sierra, the young, innocent girl he had watched grow up having to take another's life because of orders received by Alterez or Violet, or because she was forced into a scenario where it was the only option... The man heaved a sigh. As a realist he knew he couldn't shelter her, that she wasn't his and she had chosen this path of her own accord, but he also felt like she was experiencing some things that she shouldn't. To kill someone was more than simply putting a blade through them. No, you had to look them in the eye, see a person who had dreams and goals, friends or family, and fully understand that after you do what need be done, they'd be gone forever. Their life force would be expelled from the world, never to return.

Poliferus was well acquainted with the shadows of guilt after so many commissions to the battlefield; the constant regret and self-doubt over whether or not there could have been another way, and the nightmares that constantly replayed the horrors of the screams of men impaled over red-stained steel. The man knew how she felt, and sincerely wished that he could have been there in those troubling times to help her decide the right course of action. Many times, looking back, even a war-hardened veteran saw something they could've done different... It was stressful, cynical and hideous, something which his sweet Sierra shouldn't be tasked with doing. Simply the look in her face as she spoke hurt the man too. Poliferus was all to aware that she was choosing her words carefully and deliberately, and sincerely wished that she didn't have to. It wasn't good to not be able to talk to someone so close and still have to knit-pick your own words, but the man allowed her to continue uninterrupted so that she could hopefully get most of what was bothering her off her chest.

"But, enough about that! How is Vincent faring with his lessons in swordplay? Him and Father can't be bothered to write, so you're the only connection I have to my family!" Poliferus noted the abrupt change in her voice and posture, smiling almost sadly with how easily she could alter herself. Although he knew it was only to accommodate a happier subject, it was also something politicians tended to like to do, as well as killers. She definitely wasn't the same young girl that needed protection, she'd grown substantially.

"...speaking of family," she continued as if as an afterthought, seeming to pick up the same concerned tone, "you haven't heard from Wolfe perchance, have you? I haven't spoken with my elder brother since his abrupt departure from his employment..."

Poliferus raised an eyebrow. He deeply considered telling Sierra about his contacts with Wolfe, but he didn't want to trouble her any more than she was. Life shouldn't be this troubling for her. As it was, Poliferus still had to send the latest reports to Wolfe, and had been on his way to do that when he'd been intercepted by Sierra. Not that he minded it, of course, but Wolfe needed to be aware of what was happening. The General went to answer, but instead found that another matter insisted on making itself known first.

Snyclair. Poliferus looked the man up and down, noting his lack of mourning clothes in-Lou of the usual colors adorned by those of any power. With a nod of satisfaction, the man welcomed his Captain back, but held up a hand for the man to wait.

"Sierra, darling," Poliferus spoke, turning to the girl, "Your brother is doing just fine. His swordsmanship has progressed extensively in the past few weeks. He truly is gifted, but what else should I expect from the esteemed Shaeffer house?" Poliferus offered an encouraging smile with that, winking playfully. "As far as Wolfe..." The man stopped, thinking a moment. He sincerely hated lying to the girl, but the times and situations, as well as the circumstances surrounding nearly everything, were far too delicate. Not to mention he had to be careful for the same reason she did of what he said. General or not, he would be monitored as well. "Latest reports reveal nothing new. Although he's still with Lady Dream and her rebels, I do believe there's a chance with him. He isn't stupid... I believe he has his own reasons which are entirely justified for leaving... Don't worry at all."

Patting Sierra on the shoulder he smiled again. "Why don't you run along and see if Alterez or Violet need anything of you? I'm sure that these missions as of late are entirely in the best interests of the kingdom. Trust your instincts, and don't second guess yourself. Alright?"

With that, Poliferus turned to Snyclair. "Proceed."

Kota & Lucie

Watching the girl, the head officer noted several more charges to be put on Lucie's record. Disorderly conduct for one, and for two, wearing purple when not affiliated to the monarchy or without holding any position of authority. Even though the officer was well acquainted with her, having always seen her around town and being kind enough to overlook previous excursions, if not for Lady Kota, he'd have had no other choice but to arrest her then and there. It wasn't always fun having to do these sorts of things, especially to friends or people he'd known for some time, but the man had learned to overlook his own feelings in order to perform his duty.

Blocking out Lucie's behavior and looking to Lady Kota, the main officer nodded respectively at her, both in agreement of her words, and at hear admirable loyalty to her friend.

"Yes, Lady Kota," the man said, keeping to his professional demeanor in the situation. "Your pardon has been acknowledged, and will be documented in the report. No fines will be administered, but all stolen items will have to be either returned, or paid for. All other complaints, however, will have to be addressed by yourself or the Queen. The people will not take kindly to a thief being granted protection under the law with the right to steal without being held responsible through proper courses of action. We will return to see that the terms have been adhered to."

The man waited a moment for his words to sink in, his eyes moving sternly between the two before him, ensuring that they understood. After a brief moment, he finally nodded, satisfied. "Excuse our interruption, and thank you for your time. Enjoy your day," he said finally, bowing one last time to Kota before exiting the small house, his men falling into step behind him.

Lady Dream, Captain Rubber, Star & Wolfe

Antorak smiled greedily as the entire bar seemed to stop with Wolfe's sudden outburst. The Sergeant tilted his head to one side, a single eyebrow raised in mock amusement as he considered the man's next words. With the same grin, he chuckled, beginning to shake his head, all eyes in the bar on either himself or Wolfe.

"My dear friend Wolfe, it's been too long!" he began, spreading his arms wide as if inviting him as an old acquaintance, "How are you? I'd assumed that someone so esteemed would have better things to do than seek allegiance amongst the midst of traitors... As for this unnecessary ruckus, it was in fact you rebels who decided you didn't want to come quietly." The man's gaze drifted over the room, noting several people stopped in the middle of a punch or other attack and one of his own men currently lying dead on the ground, a crossbow bolt having penetrated the steel over his chest. Antorak huffed a poorly feigned sigh of regret, clicking his tongue as if displeased...

"Tsk tsk," he said, looking at everyone present. "For those of you who took up arms against the rebels, you will be adequately rewarded. For those of you who chose to stand and fight against the law, against the authority of a Purplexian soldier, you will be punished in the same manner! If you indeed wished to go about this in a more civilized manner, I would have been more than happy! You all chose to throw the first punch and resist being arrested!"

Antorak looked to Wolfe now, brandishing his blade and leveling the tip with the man's chest. "I'll be sure to get a handsome promotion for this. Lady Dream, a notorious Pirate Captain... And a once exalted member of the Courts?" as he spoke, Antorak took the time to identify and point out each of his three targets. "This is quite a haul."

Swinging the weapon around in his grip and settling into a better stance, with his blade positioned directly in front of him in a dual grip, at waist level, Antorak smiled. "Forgive me, but you've missed all chance of civility. You'll come quietly, or I'll take you by force!" With that, the sergeant charged, moving in fast for an overhead diagonal chop from the left, followed by a reverse motion in the opposite direction. Using that as the signal, the bar attendees continued on with their combat, the noise quickly rising once again with the sounds of men bellowing their battle cries, the maids screaming, weapons clashing and bottles smashing. Most people were far too busy to notice anything beyond the immediate threat in front of them. Gregora used this chaos to escape out a rear entrance, planning to return near the end and, should Antorak succeed, claim his winnings.