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located in Purplexia, a part of The Right to Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Sierra Shaeffer Character Portrait: Synclair Prunson
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Synclair, Poliferus, and Sierra

Synclair nodded in the direction of the Lady Sierra, acknowledging her words to him. "Many thanks, my lady. While I do not distrust you, and indeed have every reason to believe in your integrity, I do prefer to keep my reports private and uncomplicated. The choice ultimately belongs in the hands of our General, but your willingness to accept my interruption has not gone unnoticed by myself." Synclair bowed again to the lady.

At the raised hand of the General, Synclair took his cue to take a step back, sufficiently cutting himself out of the conversation for the time being. He kept his gaze trained out over the balcony to further detach himself from the General's parting remarks to the Lady Sierra. While he could not help but overhear, he refused to dwell upon anything that was mentioned. Everything that he heard was out of context, and entirely unrelated to any business of his. With the Lady Sierra dismissed, Synclair stepped back into the General's confidence.

The General's permission to proceed unwound Synclair's tongue. "Sir, to begin I have several superficial formalities to report. Those killed during the course of the night will be replaced within the week, I have been assured. As to the information released to their families..." Synclair hated this part. "They were reported killed during a robbery outside the walls, as instructed. No connection with the upstart queen or any other rebellion will be affiliated with their deaths." Synclair had received these instructions directly from those diplomats closest to the throne. While Synclair did not answer directly to these diplomats, he and the other captains were encouraged to avoid openly disobeying the suggestions made by the officials above their heads. Synclair gritted his teeth a moment, fighting against his building frustration once again.

Synclair took a breath and continued. "Reports regarding the events of the previous night indicate that the man known as Phoenix dispatched the enemy targets only after our guards were killed. I intend to make a formal complaint against this man and his reckless disregard for the lives of those who serve the Queen." He was not entirely sure that the General would not try to stop him from doing this. Regardless, Synclair included it in his report on the off chance that the General might even support his complaint. It would be hard to touch a man who was the pet of Lord Alterez, but with the General's word behind him, Synclair might just reach his goal.

"Lastly, I must report an object of discomfort." Synclair revealed a piece of paper and offered it to the General. "This map was found on the bodies of the dead assassins. It is a detailed map of the inside of the castle, marked with the altered schedule of the guards. While other maps and schedules were recovered from the bodies, it is assumed those were taken from our guards as they were killed. This map, however, is a compilation of all the maps issued to our guards on a single sheet. No lone guard would be privy to this information, General." Synclair was sure his point had been made, but was obligated to further explain the situation at hand, however he disliked to. "Someone who knew the schedules of every guard that night leaked this to the assassins. Which means at the very least, it is likely one of our sergeants has betrayed the Queen. Or worse still, it could have been a captain." Synclair shifted on his feet. He did not take pleasure in delivering such reports. If the matter were less pressing, Synclair would prefer to investigate for himself and be sure there was no misunderstanding. As it was, the decision was out of his hands. He provided the General with the information observed, and all he could do was hope there was something that he had overlooked.