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located in Purplexia, a part of The Right to Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kota Pierce Character Portrait: Lucie Mauvais
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As Kota heard what the officer had said, She looked at them and said, '' Thank you. I will talk to the queen personally about this. And I will be the one to accept whatever the people think of my choice of this matter. It is my decision, and mine alone. '' She then nodded as the men left the small, cobble stone and wooden cottage. Kota sighed deeply and looked back at Lucie, she sat down on one of the, little brown, oak chairs that was near the little oak table.

Kota looked at Lucie and said, '' Lucie, you need to stop with the stealing. I can't keep covering for you, I'll lose the respect from the people, as well as the police.'' She picked up the dagger that was on the table and said, '' Lucie, where did you get this dagger? Even I don't have something this nice. If you steal something like this, people will realize that they are missing their items, You need to stop. ''
Kota took another deep sigh, and took a money pouch that she had on her belt. She looked at Lucie and said, '' Here, this is an early birthday present. '' She said that as she, put ten silver coins, five gold coins, and eight copper coins down on the table in front of Lucie.

Kota smiled at Lucie and said, '' I know what you will say, and don't say it. This is your birthday present, so spend this wisely and sparingly. I don't want you to keep stealing things because you're low on money. So, for however long this pile of money lasts you, please stay out of trouble. Or until I figure out a way, for you to-'' She quickly stopped herself in mid sentence and looked at Lucie,she stood up and said, '' I really must go now, the offer still stands for you to come. And since the police were just here, I would suggest you to come. Just to stay out of trouble. Then, we can go to the castle, is that alright with you, Lucie? '' Kota said that with a light laugh and a smile.