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located in Naruto Universe, a part of Naruto: Broken Union, one of the many universes on RPG.

Naruto Universe



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Character Portrait: Prishe Umira Character Portrait: Katsumi Uzumaki Character Portrait: Benkei Hotogeki Character Portrait: Nishimura Daichi
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Prishe began to grin as she saw the easily taunted Benkei boiling up and getting into his fighting stance. Her eyes watched as his feet and hands began to move into the stance. Observing him close as if she were ready and expecting the actions and he easily matched each expectation until their Jonin came back.

"My my, It appears our over confident dimwit was saved from getting beat again and this time by one recovering from injuries..." She said with a taunting action of bringing her eye down and her tongue out until hearing Katsumi clap her hands. The girl's head turned before lowering her gestures and becoming more serious. Her eyes pierced upon the jonin as she began to speak. Her arms folded as her whole body turned. She only saw sensei's eyes beam down to her with wonder but shook it off. Prishe grinned as if she may have known what was on her mind and it only turned to a smirk.

"I've been called to the tower as you know, and for one reason mainly." Katsumi began only to begin forming a familiar smile as if they were going to be explained their next mission and as correct it never failed. The jonin began explaining the mission with seriousness in her tone.

"A mission. Which involves Konoha."

Prishe's eyes widened as did her grin. A mission that involves another country with the genin, this indeed was a rare chance and choice but to Prishe she had a feeling there was a bigger reason for her master to be giving such a mission to the team and herself but didn't mention anything. At the moment she could only wonder what the reason was for them to involve Konoha.

"The raikage requested for us, because she believes we're strong and capable of the mission. But don't grow too cocky as this mission isnt only going to konoha, its also an escort with the raikage." Katsumi then followed her explanation after letting her smile waver slightly. "However I trust you three we'll be wise during this time at konoha as its an experience and we represent our village.. I assume you guys are ready for this mission?" She asked finally, curious about their thoughts.

" Of course we're ready! I've been itching for a good mission; I was starting to thinking Lady Raikage was getting too afraid for her pet to send us out of the village. So when do we start, I can start preparing right away! " Benkei said obviously wanting to taunt Prishe but at the same time did have a good point. She too was rather interested in such a mission but this didn't move her thoughts when this was said.

"Please, I think it's more the fact that she knows I'm ready and someone needs to put the dog down when he messes up" Prishe countered obviously calling Benkei a mutt with a grin. Her attention then moved o Daichi who was the neutral and positive of the two. She always did enjoy his company playful, calm but skillful in his own way too.

"Well, I have no objections. When do we leave?"

"I'm ready, Hey sensei, when you report back to Lady Raikage, be sure to give my word that I'm good to go!"