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located in Bakery, a part of Hearts Sweets Bakery, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Kamiko Miyuki Character Portrait: Haruhi Kotsune Character Portrait: Suzume Nishimura Character Portrait: Steven Tyrell Character Portrait: Tomoyo Azuki Character Portrait: Shone Tsugu
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Haruhi didn't notice when Steven had accidentally bumped with Kamiko. However, she did notice when Kamiko left suddenly embarrassed. She was a bit concerened, 'did something happen? I wonder what's wrong...' her mind wandered for a bit before she heard a male voice addressing her now. It was the older male that seemed to be the owner, her suspicion was cleared when he clarified, "Nice to meet you. My Name is Shone Tsugu, you may call me just Shone, and I own this bakery. How about trying it out before you decide to take the job?" Haruhi smiled a bit and nodded in agreement. She heard the bell at the door ring as costumers arrived but didn't turn around to face them as she was completely determinate on getting the job, waiting for Shone's instructions she listened attentively as he spoke again.

"So... Who wants to serve and who helps me in the kitchen?" he finally asked. Haruhi without second thoughts wanted to help in the kitchen, baking was what she was most passionate about after all, however she was having second thoughts as she wasn't sure if her friends were too comfortable in serving costumers yet. "Don't let a customer waiting for you..." he said after seeing a costumer was already waiting to order, seeming a bit impatient tapping her fingers on the table, 'wait... is that?... Suzume-san?' she pointed out remembering she was also a classmate. Shone pointed out the menus waiting for either of them to make a move and to start serving the costumers.

Shone expressed his concern for Kamiko, not wanting for her to not be uncomfortable around the new group, and after saying he needed someone from the group to come with him he left heading towards the direction where Kamiko had ran off to. He left the group waiting for them to decide what to do. Haruhi without second thoughts wanted to help Kamiko, not only because they were to work together, but because she was truly concerned for her. Even if they hadn't talked much before, Haruhi knew she was a nice person deep inside and wanted to get to know her better, and why not? even become good friends.

"I shall be a server" said Steven unconcerned. He explained how he was most fitted for the position as he already had his attire ready, something Haruhi could not agree more with. However she was taken by surprise when he pointed out , "I guess you better go see what that girl is crying about Kotsune-kun, you are the nicest of us, personally I wouldn't bother with her. There is a business to run." he said a bit coldly. Haruhi nodded with a small smile, strangely she had grown used to his cold demeanor which is why she was a bit surprised at his compliment.

Image"Hai!" she said in response and without doubting twice wanting to help Kamiko, "I'll help finding Kamiko-san" she finally said cheerfully before she excused herself from the group.
As soon as she headed towards the direction Kamiko had ran off to, she found her coming out from the bathroom door, her bangs a bit wet and she was fixing her apron. Haruhi didn't want to pressure her or to make her feel even more wary so instead she tried being friendly and smiled warmly.

"Miyuki-san?" she asked sympathetically. "Is everything ok?"

Haruhi waited for Kamiko's response, at the same time she wondered if her classmates were doing well. To add up, she wondered if Shone would set her back to take orders or whether if he would send her to the kitchen. Either way, she was just happy that she was given an opportunity to show her skills.