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located in Purplexia, a part of The Right to Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Lord Alterez Character Portrait: Queen Violet
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Queen Violet

(sorry i haven't posted in awhile! I'm more busy than i thought. And i have been watching manga XP)

Violet frowned as Alterez explained the meeting to her in his point of view. He seemed highly annoyed and tired of the situation Violet has brought him in. She wanted to ask more questions but by the look in his eyes, she didn't want to push the subject any further to irritate him. “Our dads would know what to do… Hell, I may just let them enact these new laws. Only option that’s actually presented itself! If she weren’t royalty it would just be dismissed like everything else. We’ve had rebellions, but they were all just common rabble, not worth our time. Give the problem to the nearest Baron and his forces, and boom, done…” He stated and Violet sighed. If only that was so easy. This is another Kingdom they were talking about. Yes, it's not quite as big as Purplexia but it was still causing major problems.

“Whatever happened between you two anyway? I don’t remember that much fighting amongst you guys, and we all practically grew up together. When did all this happen?” This is the time it was the Queen rubbing hr temple. Such a long story. She decided to cut it short. "It was more health and personality based than who was the oldest to run the kingdom." Violet said. It was a secret only Violet knew. And now her dear friend Alterez. "My sister's emotions were crazy and out of control. Only when she was calm and happy is when we let her out in public.Violet remembered walking down the streets of the kingdom with her sister. Dream and Violet had to know the kingdom inside out. When they got back to the castle brought them news. They were choosing a Queen early. It was the day they choose Violet over her. Chaos is only one word to put it.