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located in Bakery, a part of Hearts Sweets Bakery, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Haruhi Kotsune Character Portrait: Suzume Nishimura Character Portrait: Naota Hamada Character Portrait: Steven Tyrell Character Portrait: Tomoyo Azuki Character Portrait: Maraiko Nuzuki Character Portrait: Shone Tsugu
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ImageWhat left was wandering around and not knowing where to go. She was so desperate that she even went back, grabbing the magazine and not considering to ask people. She knew that people tend to not really understanding her, may it because she always says something very slowly or because their brains doesn't cut with her. It was always a mystery how she can be so smart and even got a scolarship to the school. Nothing against Mara - but she is a dense person, a bit slow for social understanding. Though she do have friends. But unfortunately somehow they quickly lost interest on her, maybe because of her always same expression.

Actually she has many expression. The thing is, that she can't express herself. She is just too lazy for that - even for something small like that. She always takes something slowly. Though now, the problem was that her stomache is rawring, and with such a condition, she can't concentrate well. Somehow - yes, somehow - she managed to get into the right direction without herself knowing it. She was too lazy to ask people she doesn't know, in her experience they ask too much. Many are even so pushy asking for her phone number. That was something that Mara couldn't understand. Why would they ask something like that? But because she was too dense and slow what that kind of subject concerned, she just gave them the number of the dorm manager - not because she wanted to play pranks on those guys, only because she doesn't have a handphone. Simple. And like that she managed to go away.

Not really noticing that she was already right in front of the bakery, she recognised Naota Hamada. "From... the same... college..." She muttered seeing him. He was not a stranger, with that, he was someone that she could ask for help - so her logic. That's why she didn't look around anymore and went to him, tapping his shoulder from the side. "Hamada- san... you know... where I can... find this bakery?", she asked showing her magazine with her quiet, soft and slow voice like always as she noticed him staring somewhere. She followed his gaze and found herself - finally - in front of her goal. She smiled - what rarely happens - and pulled on his clothes. "Want to go... there... together...?", she said wondering, as then her stomache announced that it was really the time for her to finally give her stomache something so it will be busy. "See... I hope you come now...", she said pointing to her stomache and impatiently pulled on his clothes, a sign for him to hurry up.


ImageShone was glad that the 'megane- kun' as Kamiko said finally get what he meant and served the customer, who seems to grow impatient. That wasn't good for sure - but he didn't do anything. It seems that the 'megane- kun' is trustable and capable doing the job. That's a big plus point for him.

Now-- this cheery girl. What did he called her? 'Kotsune'? He wasn't sure, but he liked her already. Not a teasing material like Kamiko, but someone like her is always good being a server - she attract customer into this bakery. And only with that, Shone was indeed statisfied. But not only her - Kamiko did her best. She seems to have calmed down already and preparing to go back to work. She was a good kid.. but her shyness is really unbelievable. Though, Shone had to admit, it was amusement that he felt seeing her incredible over- reaction. "Miyuki-san? Is everything ok?" They knew each other? - That was not his first thought though as he heard Kotsune saying that. It was an urge to pat her head, and he did it, just out of reflex. She smiled to Kotsune as he patted her - his way saying 'thanks' and 'that was cute' as he turned to Kumiko with his usual kind smile.

"Does she seem any dangerous or unkind to you, Kamiko- san?" He asked as then he patted her aswell. "I am sure that you both will get along just fine, right, Kotsune- san, Kamiko- san?" As then he looked above, thinking for awhile. "How about... I'll treat you all by tasting one new creation of mine, as we will discuss about future plans? This will be interesting for you and your friends, Kotsune- san. I am sure that you'll be a good employee." He stated as then he smiled again to Kamiko and said: "Won't you show her the way to the kitchen? I am going to have to finish something first, then I'll come to you both. And don't forget Kamiko- san, smile!" But Kamiko already went, going for the customer. Shone could just smile. "Well then, I am leaving her in your care, Kotsune- san!" Leaving Kamiko into Katsune's care, not the other way around. He smiled as he went the stairs up to his apartement. He had to finish some troublesome paper work, that couldn't be left now.