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located in Corell, a part of Adacia, one of the many universes on RPG.


The Capital of Adacia


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Floralia walked up to the young women, immediately recognizing the one's face, but... how is she walking... on legs? Floralia paused in her thoughts, listening to the mermaid-in-human form that attempted to say her name, or something similar. These were not only foreigners, but mermaids... or at least the one was. She gently nodded her head to the servants within the room, as the two "foreigners" talked between themselves, dismissing them. She then motioned for them to follow her into another room, lighting a candle on the way. Sitting down in her sleeping clothes on the luxurious furniture, Flora demonstrated for the women to do the same. Miming as she talked, she slowly said, "I don't know what you're saying... and... I you don't know what I'm saying." She then pointed to the doll and gave the mermaid a quizzical glance. "How did you get that?" She asked, a flashback from her childhood entering her mind as she asked.


"Floralia, you need to come in now! There's a storm coming and things are not safe at night... Please come in... Your mother would have wanted you to come in." Floralia's father begged her to come into the palace as it was getting very late. The little girl of only three continued to throw her temper tantrum.

"I don't want to! I want to stay outside! Please! Mommy gave me a dolly and Mommy would have let me..." At this, her father picked her up angrily and carried her over to his horse so they could ride home from the fields. He was not going to have his child say anything about his wife and her mother. It was her fault she was gone and she was also all he had left of her and he wasn't about to allow her to ridiculously commit suicide at age three by staying out in the dark.

"Bad things happen to kids at night, so you will come in." He growled, throwing her onto his stallion as he jumped up himself. She was crying and screaming so much now that he couldn't understand anything she was saying. Little did he know that his little girl's favorite possession from her mother had been left behind, and that's what she was crying about.

After he got her to sleep that evening, he realized this treacherous error and immediately sent the royal guards out at the first light to look for it. However, it was never found and presumed missing forever due to the winds of the storms. Little Floralia only had one thing left of her mother besides her blood, a little locket that she placed on her neck that day and never took off from then on.


Floralia pointed to the doll and then to herself. "That. Was. Mine..." She whispered, calling a servant into the sitting area from outside, "Please fetch Sir Christopher. I must speak with him immediately!" She exclaimed, looking back to the women sitting before her. She felt tears slipping out of her eyes as she attempted to compose herself, but soon was completely crying and had to run out of the room. She missed her father more than anything and that doll was as much a reminder of him as it was of her mother.