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located in Purplexia, a part of The Right to Rule, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Lord Alterez Character Portrait: Queen Violet Character Portrait: Synclair Prunson
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Phoenix, Lord Alterez & Queen Violet

Alterez listened intently to his Queen talk. It wasn't the most full picture she could have painted, but he assumed that any elaboration would come in time. He wouldn't press her over such delicate matters, especially concerning family, but he still wouldn't say he was entirely pleased. The less than satisfactory answer helped in some ways, but it was still rather ambiguous. Albeit it made sense in that that he'd never seen any of what Violet was claiming only considering Lady Dream acted out only when not in public, but even so, Alterez was still curious as to the why and how. Seeing as he wasn't King until after one of the sisters had been proclaimed Queen, he didn't have the authority at the time to be amongst the Court when they made their decision. Obviously they knew whatever he didn't, but then it wasn't until now that such thoughts had ever occurred to him.

Considering this, Alterez thought that perhaps he should simply let the topic slide. The latent ideas birthed by such notions merely aided in his worry over his leadership abilities. He wondered how what else his Court knew of, or anyone within his ranks for that matter. It was no secret to him that many high-powered people were tainted in one way or another, but only now did he realize too how difficult it was to spot, especially with so many other duties weighing him down. It was nearly impossible to fully grasp a situation such as this war and contain it while pleasing everyone, and with the stress one had to deal with, it did a good job of obscuring the silver-tongued politicians that thrived in his midst, those who wished to only please themselves.

"Well," sigh Alterez finally, "hopefully we can use that to our advantage then... If she was not fit for leadership of a nation, she definitely won't last long with even a small band of misfits. She's merely demoted herself even more..." Nodding to himself, as if using that answer to validate some reasoning of his own that he refused to share, Alterez continued. "That in mind, perhaps we can wait it out for your sister to merely crash and burn on her own? It's far too much trouble, the time and effort we've put into this, when in reality it's such a small matter. If your sister is as you say, then she will not make it. She has no chance. That said, she isn't even a real threat..."

Looking to Phoenix now, Alterez stood fully to face the mercenary. "Go fetch General Poliferus. Have him report to me. I must converse with him over the military affairs surrounding the recent attacks and the tracking of Lady Dream."

With a nod, Phoenix turned and moved silently from the room. That task complete, and with his mind seemingly made up, Alterez turned now to his Queen, already looking less stressed than he had a mere moments before. "Come," he said, holding out a hand to her, "let us get ready for the Royal Address."

General Poliferus & Synclair

Poliferus stood silently, arms folded behind his back, still as a rock, as he listened to his Captain’s reports concerning the recent deaths of his men. It was unfair to the man that he had to commit such a heinous deed as lying about the honorable sacrifices of such valiant troops, but the General knew it was necessary as well. The politicians needed to make sure they didn’t look bad with their guards having been eradicated by a mere five renegade assassins, and although Poliferus disliked them and would love to see a new chapter installed into order, he wouldn’t isolate himself as a traitor to their whim. To Synclair, however, a man who had not but a few hours ago come out of mourning, this was probably unbearable. Poliferus understood entirely, but he could do nothing about it as of now.

"Reports regarding the events of the previous night indicate that the man known as Phoenix dispatched the enemy targets only after our guards were killed. I intend to make a formal complaint against this man and his reckless disregard for the lives of those who serve the Queen."

It was to this statement that Poliferus allowed himself to break his otherwise flawless poker-face. Raising a curious eyebrow, the General considered this, nodding in acknowledgement and agreement.

"Lastly, I must report an object of discomfort."

Poliferus looked down now to Synclair’s extended hand, taking the paper and scanning it, replacing now his stoic demeanor.

"This map was found on the bodies of the dead assassins. It is a detailed map of the inside of the castle, marked with the altered schedule of the guards. While other maps and schedules were recovered from the bodies, it is assumed those were taken from our guards as they were killed. This map, however, is a compilation of all the maps issued to our guards on a single sheet. No lone guard would be privy to this information, General. Someone who knew the schedules of every guard that night leaked this to the assassins. Which means at the very least, it is likely one of our sergeants has betrayed the Queen. Or worse still, it could have been a captain."

Poliferus frowned deeply, thinking on this. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, and all the scenarios that could have played out, the most inconvenient one was chosen. It was actually somewhat ironic the way Phoenix worked. If Poliferus had hired the man before Alterez, then the mission would have been successful without even a single casualty; that is if his record was true. As it was, however, these five assassins who had guaranteed their stealth and discretion could not infiltrate a castle and palace without leaving a line of bloodied corpses in their wake.

The General had specifically tried to avoid this dilemma by giving most of his men a well deserved night off, as well as altering the guard routes so that if need be, the assassins could move in and out without ever being detected. There were plenty of openings in their patterns, and yet they still had to be dispatched. Moreover was the fact that after all that unnecessary action, they were toppled by a single man. Phoenix was indeed a problem, and as much as Poliferus wished he could blame him, he couldn’t. He himself was to blame for attempting this course of action in the first place, but he knew better than to dwell too much on one mistake, lest he make several others while distracted.

With a sigh, Poliferus finally spoke, though his words echoed his thoughtfulness and worry, despite how much he tried to hide it. “Thank you, Captain,” he said simply. “I too am greatly disappointed in Phoenix’s methods of engagement pertaining to the infiltrators last night, but considering the circumstances, it may have been easiest to encounter them all in one area rather than trying to stalk them through the entire city. While I share your sentiments, we must also look at both sides of the situation… It may have been the right choice, it may not have, we’ll never know for sure, but that’s just how life is.”

Turning now and beginning to pace, Poliferus’ gaze drifting far into the sky as he contemplated how to best put what he wanted to say next. “As far as the map, I will have an investigation begin as soon as possible. I don’t want you to worry too much on it, however. You’ve got enough to deal with. As of now, I just want you to focus on ensuring we keep things in order around the city. We’ll—“

Stopping short, Poliferus was now looking over Synclair’s shoulder to the figure which had just seemed to appear out of nowhere. Clad in a heavy set of fabrics decorated extensively in fire patterns, Phoenix’s appearance had nearly caused Poliferus to draw his sword, half expecting a blade or some sort of attack to have been launched by now. The man was terribly unsettling, and though his loyalty was legend as much as his skill, Poliferus still expected a knife in the back the moment he, or anyone, wasn’t looking.

Regaining his composure quickly, the General cleared his throat, stepping past Synclair now. “Can I help you, assassin?”

Phoenix remained unmoving for a moment, giving Poliferus pause. He was terrifying in the way he stood; his easy, relaxed and yet perfectly situated stance allowing for fast movements, speaking greatly of his abilities. The man seemed to exude confidence, power and authority, and that in itself demanded a great deal of respect and caution when in his presence. Poliferus especially couldn’t stand that the shadows of his hood kept the man’s eyes from view, but yet still allowed him to see and assess everything around him. Perhaps it was fear of the unknown, or perhaps Poliferus was trained to combat these assassins with the expectation of being betrayed, but whatever it was, the man could never feel right when in his presence.

“Alterez requests your presence,” Phoenix said simply, his voice devoid of any emotion. Even the in the man’s speech, the author in his voice was palpable, but yet it wasn’t as if he were speaking on a level any higher than the General. Poliferus nodded to the man who responded in kind, and then watched as the assassin turned on his heels and disappeared from the archway to the balcony. His footsteps never even made a sound on the hard marble floor.

“Well...” Poliferus said finally, turning back to Synclair. “It appears as if we must cut this conversation short. I do sincerely apologize, but I’m sure you understand. Please, don’t do anything rash just yet, and don’t burden yourself with any of this. When I return I will give whatever counsel you need, but until then, do try and tend to whatever may need it. Yes? Check on dear Sierra, perhaps. Just make sure you’re ready during the Royal Address”

With that, Poliferus offered a smile, nod, and then strode from the balcony, the echo of his steel-clad boots slowly disappearing down the hall.