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Time: 10:41

Seraphina walked out the city library. She had grown fond of the picture books and even though she wasn't a strong reader. She held the book and flipped through pages giggling at the pictures. She smiled and went into a crowd that was crossing the street. She went into a park and went to a bench. She sat down and kept reading her books. Sera felt a weight on the bench next to her. She looked over and saw a big muscular man sit next to her. She shyly scooted over a bit away from the man and felt a bit like he was invading her space. She continued to read her book but suddenly felt a cold shiver run down her back. She look up and saw a woman behind her pointing to the crowd with a scared look of urgency. Seraphina closed her book and followed the woman into the crowd. Then the woman pointing behind her when she was in the crowd. 

The man was following her an Seraphina felt scared now. She went to an alley way behind a building and ran down it. She looked behind her and saw the man walking down after her calmly. Suddenly Seraphina bumped into something hard and fell back on her bottom. She shook her head a bit stunned and looked up at another man with a sharp knife. Seraphina felt scared and tried to crawl away and run but the man kicked her in the stomach. Seraphina screamed and started to cry as she felt the pain spread everywhere. She was picked up by her under arm and then shoved against the brick wall forcefully. She kept her eyes closed and started to claw and kick and struggle at the two men. She heard the man hiss in her ear some vulgar and hurtful words as he twirled her pigtails. Seraphina bit the mans hand and he pulled her hair forcefully. Seraphina screamed again and sobbed. Seraphina yelled for help and felt utter terror and fear as her whole body shook and quivered.