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Time: 10:42 AM
Location: New Nexus, Residential District

For the past 10 minutes, Veris had followed a Hunter from Market District through the Residential District's park. Then he saw what he needed to see. The Hunter, and another Hunter, both with tainted souls. He watched as they pinned a young girl to the wall, preparing to do things that Veris could not allow.

While he had been staying a good distance behind, the young girl's sobs gave Veris the needed distraction to charge his opponents. With one charging strike, Veris now killed one of the Hunters. The blood of the Hunter lit ablaze on Veris's blade before an intricate metal armor covered the Dragons' Huntsman.

The second Hunter came at him with a tiny blade. It was also true that the way the Hunter wielded the weapon gave away that he was likely fresh out of the Hunters' local city. After a few times stepping back, Veris had worn out the new Hunter. Not so long after, the Hunter found the blade that Veris held through his heart.

After cleaning the blood off of the blade, Veris's armor disappeared. The man wore a brown hooded jacket with camouflage pants and a dark green backpack.

"You ok miss?" Veris asked Annie.