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Seraphina sobbed and wished at this time how much she wanted a family, or at least a friend. She whimpered and shook as suddenly another man came from the streets and stabbed the man who had followed her from the park. Seraphina dropped to the ground and crawled behind a dumpster that sat a few feet away from the men fighting. Seraphina picked up her book that had fallen in a puddle. She felt her heart ache when she see the happy pictures of the puppies and bunnies turned into a green brown wet ruin. She whimpered and tried to dry them off but they were stained with the smell and the color of the muddy puddle. 

Sera closed her eyes from the brawl in front of her. She felt scared out of her wits and cried sobbing loudly. She hugged her ruined picture book as the tears ran down her cheeks. When the man asked if she was okay, she jumped and tried to run away but couldn't fit through the gap between the dumpster and the wall. She stopped trying to run an she shyly still frightened, she looked up at the man and said quietly," you're gonna hurt me too... Everyone likes hurting me... " she cried and held her book tightly in her arms. "they hurt my book..." she sobbed more and felt her heart ache more as something she held dear was ruined by those horrible men.