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Snippet #2395066

located in Resmyrd, a part of Requiem for a Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.


"The Order"


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Character Portrait: Xana Druj Character Portrait: Liriael Amaryllis
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The trek back to Resmyrd was tedious as best for the demon. Having to keep track of the possessed spirit and having to deal with the angel's ennui regarding this entire situation was rather irritating, especially with the grumbling of the renegade. Of course, the angel was not doing anything to make the situation any easier for the either of them, so Xana was forced to resort to a bit of brute force--mostly restraining the vessel's hands behind her back so she could not try to do anything. When she felt almost ready to lash out again, the demon responded with nothing more than a quick flash of heat to the wrists.

Pity I can't kill her outright... damn spirit inside can't just leave, and we have no damn exorcist... The demon's eyes flickered white-hot from anger over the entire situation. This comedy of errors was not amusing in the least, and returning to Resmyrd was nothing that she wished to do, especially after having performed for Treylion not so long ago. Why was it that everything seemed to be conspiring against her? Even the potential promise of a promotion seemed to be nothing more than a sick joke that the higher-ups wanted to pull on her for whatever reason.

Resmyrd appeared on the horizon after a lengthy walk. It had been rather silent except for the gnashing of teeth from the spirit-possessed vessel. With a shove, Xana pushed the demon to the dusty ground and glared at the angel before spitting a small wave of embers onto the dirt next to the hands of the vessel.

"Watch it. Make sure it doesn't do anything stupid." The demon was less than amicable with her order as she slithered off on her own toward the massive theistic stronghold. She figured that at the very least she would be able to charm some poor exorcist into assisting them anyway--that was no skin off her back nor any big deal for her to accomplish, but it was a breach of her pride more than anything else. Why was she having to go back and request assistance from someone that was beneath her anyway? It must have had something to do with the millenia before, some damnable pact that prevented demons from being able to slaughter the spirits themselves; it would have made everything too damn easy, though...

As Xana reformed into her human guise, she noticed a few mortals gathered around the front entrance. She pushed past them all, not caring what they said about her intrusion or her potential transformation if they had indeed watched the metamorphosis. Perhaps their guards had caught sight of the angel guarding the vessel--if that was the case, though, they surely would have already sent out a few of their men in order to handle the situation and not force the demon to wander back into the ranks of these easily-manipulated mortals.

"You fleshbags are as inattentive as you are terrified of us," Xana growled to no one in particular. as a group of exorcists came into view. "Now I need one of you to come out with me so you can do your damn job--I can't go and kill this damn woman you claim to care so much about, can I? I'm sure you'd also get along so well with the angel that shoved a pole so deep up her ass you can see that her damn halo's attached to it."

"...angels have halos?" one confused exorcist commented after looking around to the others. "Ma'am, I think you're confused--"

Xana had enough of this imbecile's blathering and wrapped a hand around his throat. "Listen, you insignificant stain," she growled as the others watched wide-eyed at her sudden lashing-out. "Did I ask you to help me with my exorcism!? Take the meat out from between your ears and listen! There is a vessel that needs to be purged--go out and do your damn job before you all fall to the ground with flesh as gray and lifeless as a corpse!" With that, the exorcists around her paled at the threat before backing away slowly.

"No volunteers? What a shame..." Xana pushed past the crowd and wandered further in, not satisfied with the competence of any of these imbeciles. She wandered the streets, coming to a small inn. Rolling her eyes at the repetitive nature of it all, she walked inside and put on a fake smile as best as she could. The barkeep was polishing off the countertop as she walked in--it looked rather dim.

"Ma'am, we're closed unless yer lookin fer a room," he kept his voice low as to make sure not to disturb anyone from their slumber.

"Oh, I'm not looking for a room--I'm in need of an exorcist..." the red-haired woman purred, looking toward the barkeep and feeling the swell of energy moving from her body toward the older man. "It's sort of urgent--a young woman has been possessed and we require their skill in order to rid her of this horrible fate!" Perhaps she had been a bit too dramatic, but if it got her a damn exorcist, then it got her an exorcist.

"'am, as much as I don't agree with disturbing sleeping guests, I know that there's an exorcist sleeping here. Don't know why you didn't go to the main cathedral first--it's right in the center of town, but I guess if you're here, then I'll see what I can do for you... Please, make yourself comfortable while I go rouse him..." With that, the man wandered off, slightly confused and somewhat flustered about this new situation. Xana celebrated by sitting in a comfortable chair next to a still-warm fireplace and savoring the barkeep's emotions. This had been quite the interesting day--she hoped that they would not all be like this in the near future.