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Time: 11:08 AM
Location: New Nexus, Residential District, The Dragons' Huntsmen Safehouse

"Do the ghosts talk to you, lass? Do you know why you can see them? It's because people like you were made thousands of years ago, by dragons. The specific breed that started your kind, created your kind to help the dead move on. That is why you can see them. Those who you can see are the dead who had something holding them to the Earth, something that they had never finished or done. It is usually connected to a person that they loved or wronged. That is why you have a power, and the ability to survive death.

The reasoning behind you being able to survive death is so that you can better understand the dead. You can feel their pain first-hand, while still coming back to the living realm. There are only two materials that can kill a Resurrected, your race, for good. Hunter metals and Dragon metals.

The men who tried to hurt you were what are call Hunters. They have found the secret behind getting powers around 300 years ago. They believe that your race is a blight, yet they know not your purpose.

I am from a group known as the Dragons' Huntsmen. We are the other race made by dragons. We were created to act as police for Resurrected and others of the magical world, which there were none until the Hunters. Now we fight the Hunters and protect the Resurrected. No Dragons' Huntsmen will hurt you, so long as you stay innocent." Veris explained.