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located in Shreveport, Louisiana, a part of Finding Our Way Down Memory Lane, one of the many universes on RPG.

Shreveport, Louisiana



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β€œOh, it was nothing. Just the usual mindless drivel.” Melody offered a nonchalant shrug as the young woman behind the counter gently grabbed Mel's left hand and gave a light smile. β€œPerfect fit.” The saleswoman smiled as she slid the ring onto Melody's left middle finger. The iced out song bird wiggled her fingers and smiled brightly. It was paid for quickly and Mel was soon off with her protector to explore the town's beautiful sights. She couldn't help but to feel safer – But, she always felt safe when she was with him. She couldn't even begin to explain how safe she felt the first time he protected her from a Vampire in Fangtasia with a sweet tooth. It was because of him that she hadn't been bitten since her memory loss.

Walking along, she grabbed his hand and raced off towards the car where she was quick to slide in and head off on an adventure with Eric. They drove around for a while until she found herself dazzled by the bright lights and hopping music of the Boardwalk. After they parked they were soon off to explore the stores and restaurants available. She didn't have plans to buy anything, feeling that the $5,000 ring was pushing it even if Eric was so happy to spend his money on her.

β€œI have to go to the restroom – Wait right here!”

They had stopped a half hour ago and grabbed her a really large soda and it was starting to hit her as she crossed her legs before jumping up and dashing off into the nearby Hooters. She shimmied her way past everyone trying her best not to pay them any mind or touch them as she made her way to the restroom. She didn't take too long before emerging to wash her hands after handling her business. As she tried to leave the bathroom she was met by a woman with flowing curls of black like her own and piercing green eyes. The woman had her hands on her hips as she stepped into the restroom and locked the door behind her with a lick of her lips. β€œYou smell...absolutely delightful.” Her voice was a soft purr as she slid out her fangs with a click and was soon shoving the petite fae against the wall, using one hand to hold Melody against the wall by pressing her hand against her chest and using her other hand to force her head to the side, exposing the tender flesh of her neck where her pulse was visibly increasing.

Melody pushed and shoved as hard as she could but it wasn't any use as the Vampire woman ducked her head down and sank her fangs into her supple flesh. Melody tried to let out a scream as she began beating against the woman at every angle that she could manage to maneuver her arms, but a hand was soon over her mouth nearly suffocating her. It was no use as she felt her life force drained from her. For a minute she thought that maybe Eric would feel her fright and burst in and save her. But then she remembered that he had never had her blood. More fear set in. And then rage – Rage that she was so weak and couldn't defend herself and as the anger bubbled, she felt an energy surge through her that was foreign yet so familiar. Her entire body soon lit up like she had swallowed a million violet light bulbs and a blast of energy surged from her fingertips, throwing the Vampire from her, knocking the woman unconscious.

Now, while she did have to previously use the restroom, she had noticed that ten o'clock was drawing nigh and had gotten worried. She mentioned nothing to Eric, but she feared that she was sick with some disease. She didn't know what it was, but she found herself vomiting blood and bleeding from her ears and nose, much like a Vampire does when they stay awake too long during the day time. She didn't want to go see a doctor because she feared that they wouldn't know what was wrong with her. She had searched online a few times when Eric and Pam were otherwise busy and found absolutely nothing. She could only imagine being probed and dissected by doctors as they attempted to find out what was wrong with her. For the past two weeks, with each time she would vomit, she felt herself growing weaker but she forced a smile in front of Eric and Pam, using Pam's makeup to cover her complexion which had grown sicklier.

As she began to vomit now, she felt a pain in her chest and stomach and clutched at them both, holding in her cries. There was a pause and she finally called out for Eric. She was met by a few women walking in and then screaming at the sight. β€œEric! She cried out again as people seemed to just blur around her, asking if she was alright and jumping on their phones to call the police. Someone had picked her up and carried her out to the dining area that they had promptly evacuated. As she sat on the bar, she looked around for Eric, her eyes watering. β€œEric...Eric!”