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Seraphina listened to veris speak. She understood but still was unsure if she could trust him. SeRa looked around and Finally said to veris,"my friend helped me when the man, er the hunter man was chasing me. She said that i had to run. And that he was a bad man...but, they wont tell me anything"

She held onto her bear and shifted a bit in her place. She went into her backpack and took out the muddy book that the hunters ruined. "can you fix it please?" she asked him shyly. Sera gave him the muddy book and hugged her bear tightly. She felt her stomach growl and pushed her bear and arms against her stomach trying to make it stop rumbling. "what would you like me to do first if i want food?" seraphina asked as she took her back pack off and carried her bear with her as she stood up and leaned against the wall in the corner making herself feel small and helpless.