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Seraphina looked at veris. She felt a bit hopeful about her book being saved. When he said that he couldn't fix it she couldn't help but let out a cry as tears started to run down her cheeks. She wailed and hugged her bear feeling saddened by her book being destroyed. She went to the table where he'd put it down and flipping through the pages crying she tried to dry them off with her dress. 

"b-b-b-bu-bu-but I I want it fi-fixed!" she cried into her bear and felt sad and alone. She started to slip slowly to the ground feeling scared as well. She felt like he was going to hurt her or do something worse to her even if he was sworn to protect her kind, seraphina thought that everyone wanted to hurt her. 

"wahhhhh!" she shivered and opened her eyes and saw an old man standing behind veris. She stopped crying and looked at him curiously. The man looked to be the age of a grandfatherof someones, he had frail looking white skin with freckles  sprinkled here and there along his cheeks and nose. His rosy cheeks reminded her of pink tulips and she felt warm rising up in her heart. He had a perfect white beard that looked to be maintained well and his white hair on top of his head was combed neatly to one side. His wardrobe consisted of a tan knitted sweater with navy blue, freshly ironed pressed trousers and brown leather shoes. However the only odd aspect of the old spirit possessed was that he walked with a slight limp and seemed to lean to the left side. 

 The man started to come closer and wiped her tears with his thumb but Seraphina felt them dry up almost instantly as well as a cold breeze. She watched almost in a trance as the old man gently placed his hands on her shoulders and urged her up with a small nudge that she could barely feel. She slowly stood up still looking at the man but if one who wasn't able to see spirits like veris, they would see a little girl being manipulated by something unseen almost. 

Seraphina looked up at the man and listened to him speak, "Seraphina, dear, you aren't listening close enough to this man. He is safe, he'll protect you, i swear to you. He is going to take good care of you. Trust me. " He said and held her hand as he walked lightly on the floor to her side. 

Seraphina looked from the old man next to her to Veris. She replied to veris softly, "my name is Annie..." she looked down shyly and waited for him to scream mean things about her but he did not. She was surprised and decided to answer his question from earlier. "may I please have some, um..." she paused and thought, "can i please have some soup please sir?" she felt extremely shy but not as scared. She handed back for ruined book to veris and looked up at him.