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located in Las Vegas, a part of Las Vegas: Skin City, one of the many universes on RPG.

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In the front seat of the SUV Summer was sleeping peacefully, she was dreaming of the past when Mordi was alive and Jay never left. It feels so long ago when they were all happy at the lake, laughing, drinking, and getting high. It was when she wasn't so far gone into the drugs, it was when her mother was still around. The dream didn't last too long, turning into a complete nightmare. There was fire, her friends were lost, sruck in the fire.

She woke up panting, gasping for breath. She was sweating so bad, taking a deep breath she looked over to Kaleb who was driving. She wasn't sure what day it was or where they were. All she knows is she is sick of being in the car, she was sick of the bumps and the neverending road. Music was blaring from the radio, Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragon. She smiled a little then looked out the window.

"Kal, how much farther? Im sick of being in this car" she said as she took out a cigarette and lit it up. They were in the US but she wasn't sure where, she has never been out of Canada before. Looking over to Kaleb she lit a cigarette for him and handed it to him before he could even ask. "Kaleb what if Jay goes back home....what if she goes home and we aren't there?" She has asked before but there really was no answer. She was missing her best friend, no one was like Jay. Reaching into her bag she took out a couple pills and popped them into her mouth. She just wanted to escape but with Kaleb beside her she had to be careful not to take so much, she believed she has convinced him that shes not too far gone with the drugs. Thats what Summer wanted Kaleb to think, but it wasn't true shes been wanting more and more and it was getting harder to refuse. Her stash was getting low, she hopes they would make it to Las Vegas soon.

It was then that she saw a sign <i>Las Vegas 20 miles</i>. "Kaleb look! We are almost there" she smiled and rolled down her window. There was some kind of festival going on and Kaleb said it was going to be fun. She agreed to go because she wasn't sure what else she would be doing. They were on the run from everyone and Las Vegas was the perfect place to go.