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Snippet #2397190

located in Las Vegas, a part of Las Vegas: Skin City, one of the many universes on RPG.

Las Vegas



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Character Portrait: Jaylene Sullivan Character Portrait: Kaleb Dean Sivaj Character Portrait: Summer Vorhees
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Somehow Kaleb and Summer had made it into U.S. of A, taking turns to drive straight through the night - only stopping once so that Kaleb could take out money from his fathers ATM card and twice for gas. Maybe it was far fetched but he felt like something was telling him that he and Summer should go to EDC, Las Vegas. He knew as soon as they hit the road. Of course it wasn't for a couple weeks, so they spent their time visiting different landmarks and cities along the way. They had turned the truck into their home, blankets lining the bed of the truck where they huddled together late at night. It was ironic how once he finally decided to get over Summer he had been thrown into this life with her. All they had now was each other, finding small jobs along the way to make extra money.

One night they looked at the stairs while parked up by the Grand Canyon, re telling stories from a life they once lived. Tears streaked their cheeks as pangs of homesickness or realization of what a hole they dug for themselves overwhelmed them, causing them to crumple into each others hold. It seemed like it had all been a far fetched dream, their new life together in America was all they had now.

As for Jaylene, well Kaleb would never have to bring her up, Summer had no problem bringing it up on her own. Gripping the wheel in a mixture of anger and grief, Kaleb then lit his own cigarette in thought. "Jay left us, Kite. I couldn't really care less if I ever see her again." He said coldly, keeping his eyes on the road and letting the uncomfortable silence fall between himself and Summer.
It wasn't that Kaleb had begun to harbor a grudge against Jaylene, he knew that if he had been given the choice to flee or submit, he would've done the same thing. The fact was that Jaylene was selfish, even when Kaleb had exposed himself heart and soul she had stomped all over him and treated him with apathy and disdain when he had craved comfort and affection.
Then she left.

Kaleb wasn't sure where he stood with Summer anymore. Granted as they would lay next to one another, he would bury his face into her mane, inhaling her scent, but it never felt like before. He would always love the dark haired girl who kept him flying high with her, but it was different now. He held a fierce protectiveness of her, and could trace the structure of her fine features all day, but in the dreary state of being half awake, mornings there was always just one girl on his mind, and sometimes he would breath her name just as he rolled awake, like a prayer to the heavens; Jaylene.

But she was a distant memory, now.

Vegas was like the mother ship, calling her son of sin home. Kaleb knew as soon as they made it through the dry desert into the neon lit streets that this was where he belonged. Summer's impatience came at no suprise, and as she moaned in discomfort of having to stay still for so long, asking time and time again if they had made it yet, Kaleb just qould laugh and mumble. "Almost." half heartedly. Sticking his head out the window like a hound, Kaleb cheered with enthusiasm, thrusting his fists into the air. A car behind him, a sporty looking blue sedan, beeped repeatedly as if to encourage his behaviour. Looking back to his fans, Kaleb could make out three female figures, most likely also on their way to the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Laughing, Kaleb fell back into his seat, resting his hand on Summer's thigh affectionately as he swerved to avoid oncoming traffic. "Can you believe it Kite? We're here...we're in FUCKING Vegas!" He threw his hands up as if to cradle the heavens above, then letting his hands fall down to his side. Since before they had left Kaleb had been thinking about this weekend. It would be an epic combination of drugs, music, alcohol and poorly manufactured rides.

They found a parking spot, and Kaleb twined his fingers with Summer's, her smooth and clammy skin comforting him. Squeezing beer hand momentarily he leaned close to whisper in her ear, "And so it begins," his manic grin brushing across her lobe, then pulling her close to once again kiss the top of her head.