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located in Las Vegas, a part of Las Vegas: Skin City, one of the many universes on RPG.

Las Vegas



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Character Portrait: Jaylene Sullivan Character Portrait: Kaleb Dean Sivaj Character Portrait: Summer Vorhees
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Dark enigmatic eyes couldn't fight the natural male instinct to gape and scantily clad females like an animal. Even with Summer, his dream girl, beside him, Kaleb's eyes still followed the twitching hips of the many tutu bearing beauty's. Panties were passed off as clothing, laying out a deliscious buffet of sodomy for Kaleb to engorge. Licking his lips as a hungry wolf, he bit his lip with restraint, turning to Summer as she asked if he would want to smoke. Chuckling, Kaleb nodded, leaning against the door of the truck.

Wordlessly, as Summer proceeded to roll the doobie, Kaleb had withdrawn a small vial, removing the top to reveal a long wand that would reach to the bottom of the ornate instrument. At the bottom of the wand, a spoon like feature held just enough of a finely crushed powder - a vice Kaleb had never forgotten. Cocaine had never been a drug of choice for him, rather to just do a little bit of everything now and then. His best memories of being strung out off red bull and one too many lines included Jaylene, and in away the white devil would still remind Kaleb of his own devil of a friend. Sniffing the powder casually, Kaleb then offered his goodies to Summer, although reluctant.

However hypocritical it was of him, Kaleb hated to continue to enable Summer. Indeed Kaleb enjoyed being high just as much as the next burnout, but it wasn't a priority in his life - it just always seemed to happen. "I want to go on some of the rides, that's for sure. What if we found some acid though? Imagine just tripping shit in the middle of an Afrojack mosh!?...." Between Kaleb rattling on and Summer twitching her neck to peer out the truck, which Kaleb figured was for the same reason he was - all. that. ASS.

Laughing to himself, he pushed his hair from his face. It had grown even shaggier over the time, sometimes he would fashion a headband just to keep the hair from falling into his face time and time again. Recognizing Summer's expression of mild panic and paranoia, he gently rubbed her arm, frowning as once again she had brought up the one girl he was trying to forget about.

"Yo, stop thinking about it so damn hard. You always do this Summer, you trip yourself out." Exasperated, Kaleb slumped into his seat, sparking one of his last cigarettes. Meekly, Summer admitted to not feeling well, and immediately Kaleb regretted his reaction. Over their time spent together, of course they were going to get on one another's nerves now and again. After all they were with one another 24/7, and they couldn't escape each other even if they wanted to. Perhaps he had been a little harsh, his tone hadn't helped much either. But Summer was much younger in some ways than she would like to admit, and Kaleb could only blame himself and the rest of their friends for babying her and allowing her to spoil like the rest of them.

Wincing, Kaleb gazed at his feet with distaste. He didn't consider himself a bad apple, but a majority of other people did. Perhaps it was all his fault things ended up the way they did. It was unfair that he continued to take out his pain of his burdens onto the sweet and forgiving Summer. Staring apologetically across the cab of the truck, Kaleb offered Summer his last cigarette as a token of good intentions. "I'm sorry - I just can't think about Jaylene right now."

Strange but in their time together, Kaleb still hadn't told Summer about himself and Jaylene. It was like his own little secret, a token of gold that he would carry to death if he would have if has way. Even at the mention of her name he was remembered of their last night together. Everything in his mind was so vivid, the way the fabric had gathered beneath them as they scooted across the mattress, the pale moonlight illuminating them as if they had been struck by Cupid and adorned by he and his mother Aphrodite above. Every curve and dip of her body was enticing and delicious, and what made it worse was that he didn't know what he wanted more - to never see her again and cling to that one night of passion, or to see her again only to learn it meant nothing to her and she regretted it wholly.

Shaking his head, Kaleb adjusted the hemp and leather bracelets adorning his wrists, twirling the wooden beads. "You're right, lets just go." Kaleb said, getting out of the truck to round to Summer's side, taking her hand as she got out.

"I say we find ourself some sexy little bisexual vixen and take her to ole Bessie to play." He joked, winking playfully, assuring that her charming sweet Kaleb had returned. Linking arms, the two followed the crowds unto the festival. People of all sorts gathered, large and small. Beads stacked from their wrist to their elbows in ornate patterns, bright clashing colors making his attention hop from one person to the next. The flickering lights of game booths and rides made his eyes blink rapidly, trying to work overtime to keep up with all the action. Through the mass of people, music could still be heard from the far stage where people had gathered in a sweaty mass of dancing young bodies thrashing against one another.

"Oo, funnel cake!" Kaleb enthused as if a child, dragging Summer into the line with him for the fried delight, then looking into his wallet. "I haven't had one since I was a kid man, when I used to live in New York." He laughed, watching Summer's reaction to their surroundings. Nudging her, he pointed to an intimidating ride. "Dare you to get on that with me after this..or are you scared?" He teased.