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Snippet #2399698

located in Uptown, a part of As you wish, Master., one of the many universes on RPG.


Uptown known as the city of dreams, where only the filthy rich with their servants life. Anything is possible in Uptown.


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Character Portrait: Victorique Lamperouge Character Portrait: Axel Sparks
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Pronounced: Vic-tori-eek

Victorique eyed her butler with the usual guarded gaze, however on the inside she was incredulously surprised. He’s putting back on that soaked shirt?! Why.. questioned her inner voice as those red orbs watched his every move. The young heiress jumped slightly by his sudden words, caught off guard due to the puzzling distraction she was experiencing a few moments ago. "Tonight is the ball as Master Elliot's. I've arranged for a hair and makeup appointment around noon. Afterword, your father requested to see you for tea. Your dress is being tailored and dry cleaned as we speak and I'll grab it and bring it to you in time for the ball." A slight frown tugged it’s way on her fine features at his news. However, it wasn’t because of the ball bit, no no, Victorique was far too well-aware of their monthly parties. It was the news about her father requesting her presence for tea that set the young Miss on edge. Why... why does he want to see me?! flooded the worried thoughts, occupying her attention. Briefly, a bitter hate flashed within her bloodied eyes at mention of the head of the Lamerpouge family but it was quickly banished by that blank mask. There was not a single person in this world that Victorique hated more than HIM

"Oh! And also, Im Axel. Axel Sparks." "And unfortunately, I’m your new Butler.." rang out the chipper voice and nervous chuckle that quickly shattered any traces of rage within the young Miss. Raising her eyes to meet his, Victorique felt a tug of wonderment seeing the absence of intimidation or fear reflecting within those pools of blue and, almost, felt the need to say something. Almost.

Gracefully standing up from the chair and brushing past him, Victorique paused a few feet away from the door. Not turning to face her butler, the heiress muttered softly ”I will be in the music room.” before striding out the room. Making her way through the halls of clothed portraits and paintings, Victorique thoughts jumped from place to place, confusion filling her mind. ”Father.. why now of all times? Why did you send me such a useless person?” she muttered to herself, the tone more or less filled with confusing bitterness.