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located in Las Vegas, a part of Las Vegas: Skin City, one of the many universes on RPG.

Las Vegas



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Character Portrait: Mikaela Kerkouian
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The rays of sunlight pierced through the thin white cotton drapes that flowed over the windows in the room. The bright line shine on the hispanic teen face making her groan in annoyance. Mikaela was not a morning person. Trying to make the light go away she swung her arm across her face in an attempt to block out the light. This did nothing to help as the persistent light only seemed to be getting brighter. "I've so gotta get some darker drapes for this room" she thought to herself as her arm fell down at her side as she gave up clearly defeated.

Propping herself up with her elbows the head pounding started immediately as she glanced around her mess of a room. At that moment she had grateful for house keeping because she did not want to be the one having to clean up this mess. Even if the mess was her own. Pushing herself up until her back was resting against the backboard she clasped her arms around her knees and let her head fall down onto the blanket that cover them. While she loved the partying lifestyle that she lived she always loathed the hangovers that she got the morning after.

"And the sleeping beauty has awoken.", hearing the sound of an unfamiliar voice Mikaela picked up her head slowly to see a naked girl leaning against her door frame. The night before was a total blur to her at the moment and she had no idea who the naked chick was but Mikaela didn't care because she was hot. As the girl who looked to be only a few years older than Mikaela probably nineteen if not twenty walked across the room in a seductive manner Mikaela couldn't help but watch her with fixated eyes going over the girl's voluptuous figure. Getting to the foot of the bed the naked beauty gets onto the bed and crawls slowly forward until her and Mikaela's faces are only inches apart. Looking into the girl's piercing blue eyes Mikaela ran her fingers through the girl's raven black hair that stopped at her lower back. It seemed like they had been staring into each other's eyes for a long moment before their mouthes were pressed together in a intense lip-lock.

As they indulged in one another neither girl noticed as a guy with a towel wrapped around his waist entered the room. "Damn! I think this is hotter than last night." Breaking the kiss as she pulled away from the other girl Mikaela looked past the girl to the half naked guy standing in the middle of her room, "Do I know you?" she asked with a raised brow. The guy at first thought she was joking but as her face only turned more serious the guy respond saying, "Am Alex. We meet last night on the strip. We partied together like all night long. Went to the club where we met her fine ass and then you scored us some coke and then we came back here to finish up the party right." Mikaela eyes widened when he mentioned coke, "Coke! Did I-" the unnamed girl chimed in "No you didn't. Me and him did the coke you just got really wasted. And then after that the three of us got into this crazy threesome which was amazing." the girl said sprawling out on the bed.

Mikaela just nodded slowly as she got filled in on what happened the night before, "Speaking of the threesome. Are you double-jointed? Because if not you are like crazy flexible." Alex said plopping down on the bed. Tossing her covers off of her body revealing her birthday suit that had been concealed by the covering.

Mikaela got up and walked over to her dresser putting on a mismatched pair of pajamas. Shutting the draw she turned to face her lovers from the night before "So your Alex and you are?" the unclothed girl rolled onto her side so she was looking at Mikaela "Denise" she replied simply.

Mikaela nodded "Okay well Alex and Denise. Am gonna go shower. House keeping should be coming in soon so I would advise putting clothes on. Just press one for the butler and he can bring you anything you need."

Ending on that note Mikaela went into the attached bathroom and took care of the things she needed to in the bathroom.

A little over an hour later Mikaela exited her room fully dressed and ready to get going. Walking through the quiet villa she located Alex and Denise eating breakfast at the dining table. It was most likely due to the hangover she was experiencing at the moment but the aroma coming from the food was making her feel nauseous. Feeling extremely thirsty she picked up the pitcher of orange juice on the counter and poured her a glass of juice before picking up a piece of toast. Topping the toasted piece of bread with peanut butter and banana slices she walked around the counters and over to where Alex and Denise where sitting at the table.

"So, I don't know if you guys know this but the Electric Daisy Carnival is going on right now. I've got this party bus limo showing up in like half an hour and I was thinking the three of us could go down there and party it up together." Mikaela glanced at them as she nibbled on her toast hoping they'd agree to go with her. She really didn't want to go to EDC alone and the thought of partying on a party bus by herself was really depressing. "Well after the night I had hanging out with you two ladies there is no way am passing this up." Alex said agreeing to the trip first followed by Denise who said "You can't really say no when your in sin city. So sure. What the hell."

A smile took shape on Mikaela face as she finished her toast. "Okay well I'm gonna go get us some party favors for the ride. Be at the front of the hotel in twenty.", gulping down her glass of juice she got up from the table and left the villa to go meet up with her dealer.

Texting her connect as she closed the front door behind her she found bellhop and sent them to her room to get her things for her before going to the meet up stop a few blocks away from the hotel.

Once she got to the spot she waited patiently fiddling with her fingers as she leant her back against the all black structure behind her.

"Hey there sexy!", her dealer-friend said to her as he approached "Hey Kale." The two embraced in a small hug as she planted a soft kiss on the side of his neck as the hug broke.

"What's with the earlier morning wake up girl. You known I like getting out of bed until at least noon." Mikaela giggled "Sorry. It's just am about to be getting in on the road in a couple of minutes to head to the carnival and I wanted to get some stuff to make the ride a little less boring.", she said with a smirk.

Taking the baggies out of his pockets it was no surprise to her that her man was packing a little bit of everything. Weed, pills, cocaine no matter when she needed it he always had it. Making the transfer of money for drugs the exchange was smooth and simply. "So, you are going to EDC right? I mean you know this won't last me the entire weekend." The dealer laughed "Of course am going. That place is going to be a fucking gold mine for me this weekend. Every drug dealer in all of sin city is going to be there tonight." Mikaela smiled "Great! I'll be keeping my out for you" she said wrapping her arms around his neck as she planted a goodbye kiss on his cheek.

When she arrived back at the hotel Denise, Alex and the party bus were all waiting on her. "Is everything all set?" she asked as the last bag had just finished being loaded into the bus. With everything ready to go the three hardcore partiers got on their bus and started up their party to the Electric Daisy Carnival.


Due to the Las Vegas traffic it turned what was suppose to be at most a thirty minute ride into to an hour trip. However, between the drinks, weed and stripper pole that Mikaela had fun spinning around the teenage girl hadn't even noticed the delay. She left the hard stuff to Alex and Denise and by the time the bus arrived at the carnival the two coke-heads were in their own word. Mikaela had known she wanted to actually be able to remember the joy of the carnival atmosphere so she had only done a blunt and took two shots of vodka. Leaving her new pals to finish up in the bus Mikaela got off the bus by herself and went to explore he carnival. She loved all of the crazy outfits and wild people she saw out today.


She loved the EDC and the fact that it came to Las Vegas every year. While she was feeling far more better than she had when she first awoke that morning her hangover hadn't officially gone away. The smell of all the carnival food was making her stomach do flips and she just had to get away from it. Moving in the opposite direction of the concession stands she found her way to the rides and began getting on lines.