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located in Resmyrd, a part of Requiem for a Fallen, one of the many universes on RPG.


"The Order"


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Character Portrait: Xana Druj Character Portrait: Takeuchi Hiroto
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Takeuchi Hiroto & Xana Druj

A soft thump accompanied each labored step Takeuchi took down the stairs, an ever-looming reminder of his deformities, while his good hand clutched desperately at the railing, using whatever strength his arm could to soften the impact of his every step, even though he could awaken fairly quickly after any period of sleep his body always seemed a little slower getting started, and it was being especially stubborn at the moment. The stairway was darker than either the hallway or the common room downstairs, not having any form of illumination dotting the walls for several feet before it started or ended, and it took him much longer than usual to venture downstairs, in the back of his mind he hoped that this would not prove detrimental to the crisis facing the poor, possessed girl at this moment. When he finally reached the bottom of the staircase, it took the young Meister several seconds to regain his composure, his long trek through the city earlier in the day having taken a great toll upon his not-so athletic body, but it merely took a few seconds to do so, and Takeuchi looked around the dim common room to find this woman of which the kindly Inn-Keeper had spoken.

Takeuchi had never met a demon before, but he had been told about their rather palpable presence, and the one emitted from the red-haired woman standing nearby sent cold shivers down his spine, it was like nothing he had ever encountered before in his life, and for a few moments he stood stupefied, trying to ease his disturbed mind. If it had not been for the sudden weight her presence forced upon his being, he might have taken notice of her appearance immediately, but now that he had settled himself, he was also astounded at her beauty, and disgusted that such a vile presence could take upon an attractive form.

The woman spied the exorcist at the bottom of the stairs, somewhat taken aback at her appearance. It was almost if he had never borne witness to a woman before, let alone a demon in human skin. She coyly looked away from the barkeep, sensing in the exorcist a bizarre mixture of attraction and disgust, sending a slurry of emotion through her system. While it was not the most filling of meals, it was something, and that was the most important thing--she had not fed much from these mortals; however, even if she had, she still would feel the need to consume their emotions. Putting on a smile, she looked pitifully at the exorcist.

"Oh my... I'm terribly sorry to disturb your rest, but it's... it's an emergency..." the woman explained, her words dripping with proverbial venom in an attempt to enrapture the young man and wrap him around her finger.

The realization of his continued silence finally dawned upon the young man, and a wave of embarrassment quickly washed over his body upon her words, he had forgotten the necessity of their current situation and allowed his immediate reaction to dictate his actions. He limped quickly to within several paces of the woman, feeling now much more at ease with her presence that previously, and bowed from the waist quickly, nearly forming a perfect "L" with his body. "A-A-Apologies ma'am. My name is T-T-Takeuchi Hiroto, and it's no t-t-trouble at all." His words came out in a hurry, or as hurried as they could be with his stutter, strengthened in part due to the slight unease still in the pit of his stomach, the idea of his first unsupervised exorcism was weighing heavily upon his shoulders at the moment. "P-p-please, l-l-lead the way."

"Oh... yes..." The woman batted her eyes as she turned back toward the barkeep and shot him a quick wink before opening the door for the exorcist. "She's outside of the city, unfortunately... A bit of a walk..."

Without another thought, for the moment at least, Takeuchi hurried outside the doorway, quickly lowering his eyes to avoid the rapid flickering of any flames lighting the street outside. "T-t-that's fine, ma'am. I'm s-sure the w-w-walk would be worse for h-her than either of us." He stopped momentarily to await the womanly form who had opened the door for him, he had heard that demons were hideous creatures, for the most part, with a form whose visage equaled the aura an exorcist could feel from their presence, this gave him pause for a moment, imagining what hideous body was hiding within the woman standing nearby. "I'm s-s-sorry ma'am. I d-d-don't believe I have asked your name?" It would be required eventually, and he would feel much less awkward being able to address her by name than "pretty, demon lady."

The woman closed the door to the inn and immediately turned toward the exorcist, a coy smile still across her face. "Lyliana... Lili will do, though..." she bent forward, gently taking one of the exorcist's hands and gently kissing the back of it, allowing the residual heat to linger slightly from her touch. If this exorcist was as easily manipulated as she believed him to be, then she could probably use him as a constant source of nourishment in a pinch... Of course, the very first thing she did with any new victim, especially one that would be stuck with her for a long-term engagement, was to see how far he could bend before breaking...

Takeuchi was taken aback by the demon's . . . Lili's, he doubt it would be hard to remember the name as it conjured images of flowers within his mind, kissing of his hand, and the warmth he felt dissipated through it slowly, he quickly turned his head as he felt a similar warmth spread throughout his cheeks as they began to blush slightly. He quickly began to march off, as quickly as he could manage, before realizing that he had no clue which direction they were to be heading, or where he was at in the city even. "Yes, L-L-Lili, uhm . . . which way to the woman in need?"

"Through the main gate and then straight to the east... maybe an hour's walk or so from here..." 'Lili' explained, the results of her little experiment flitting through her mind. Inwardly, she smirked--this exorcist would fall to her like putty. All she needed to do was manipulate him to do whatever she felt; it would at least be better than having to try and work with that damn angel.

A quizzical expression passed upon Takeuchi's downward-angled face, the directions she gave were meaningless to him at the moment, the sting of his incompetence throbbing in the back of his mind. "Uhm y-y-yes. C-c-could you lead the w-w-way please? I'm s-s-somewhat lost at the moment." His good hand reached up to scratch at the back of his head slightly, highlighting how embarrassed he felt for his ignorance.

He was flustered, embarrassed, dependent. All according to plan, she chuckled inwardly. On the outside, though, she frowned slightly, trying to feign a bit of pity as best as she could. "Oh, sure..." With that, she took the lead and beckoned for the exorcist to follow. "It's only a few minutes from here..." she looked back to the man once more.โ€ Might I ask as to why you were in that inn and not at the main cathedral?"

He quickly took off after her, wincing slightly with each step as her pace was somewhat more brisk than to what he was wont, waiting until he had drawn up to her side to answer her previous inquiry. "I w-w-was at the i-i-inn due to travelling c-c-circumstances, Lili. I was o-o-out of town on an assignment when the O-O-Order called back about another assignment. Unfortunately it was l-l-late and I needed to rest for the evening." The Meister was unsure with how much he could trust the demon at the moment, deigning to leave out any particulars as to his mission or why exactly he had found his way to that particular inn. From what he heard you could only trust their kind with as little information as possible. "I c-c-could ask the same of you, Lili, the main cathedral would be a m-m-much more suitable place to f-f-find an exorcist."

"Well, it's an emergency... Besides, there was no time--I need an exorcist immediately, and they would make me go through some sort of selection process or something..." The woman brushed aside some hair as she turned back toward the exorcist. "Well, the main gate is just up ahead... and then we head straight east. Shall we?" She smiled, offering a hand for him once more.

"B-B-By all means, let us continue." The gesture was surprising, but not altogether unappreciated by the young Meister, the night had grown somewhat chiller since he was previously walking through the city, and the warmth of her hand did much to stave of the cold numbing his fingers. For being a demon and having such a horrid presence, Lili seemed quite amiable, Takeuchi was unsure what this meant exactly, but he was willing to take her kindness as genuine for the time being.

As soon as the two of them were clear of the city gate and clear of any other potential witnesses, the woman turned toward the exorcist, a smirk across her face more than a smile. "Alright, let's cut the damn cutesy crap, shall we? I know you know I'm a demon..." She took a few steps away from Hiroto and exploded in a flash of hellfire. In the woman's place was a large serpentine demon with fiery red skin and a long chitinous tail that trailed far behind her. " let's just get it out of the way then, shall we? You think I'm an abomination, a spawn of pure evil, yadda yadda yadda..." she flipped her hand lazily as if she had made this speech in the past. "If it weren't for those damn seals, know that you wouldn't even be out here with us now..."

The demon's short tirade had fallen upon deaf ears, as the sudden flash of hellfire had affected Takeuchi's illness; he stood there with glossy-eyes staring into nothingness for a few short moments before collapsing backwards. His body began to convulse slightly, but luckily this was only a short-spell which faded within several moments. It took some time before he could regain his senses enough to realize that he was now lying flat on his back in the mud, and the Meister stood himself up as quickly as he could, bowing deeply. "P-p-please l-l-let me know when y-y-you're going to do that m-m-ma'am. W-we b-b-both know why I am h-h-here. C-C-Can we just c-continue our business n-n-now?" He hoped that if she turned back it would not affect him as it just had now, and he made sure to keep his head averted from her, though that was also due in part to his distaste for her current appearance. After leaving the question hanging between them, Takeuchi attempted to wipe off as much of the mud covering his kimono as possible and checking to assure the safety of the talismans he had brought.

"Oh great... an exorcist who can't even keep himself together..." the demon rolled her eyes as she slithered closer toward the exorcist. "What, you like the flesh bag of a body I have but not this form?" she smirked, rubbing her fingers across the back of the young man's neck and letting the heat pulse across his flesh. "I should tell you, I'm much more potent in this body than I am the other..." Her words were dripping once more, hoping to entice some sort of feeling other than perpetual embarrassment.

Takeuchi flinched at the touch of his demon acquaintance, his body cringing from her presence as she brought herself closer, the way he felt her near him was like a foul taste coating the back of his mouth, or a putrid stench filling his nostrils, it was suffocating to say the least. "I-I-If you w-would like another exorcist, t-t-then I c-c-can be on my way. Or w-w-would you prefer to d-deal with the w-woman yourself?" Her jibes had aggravated his usually calm temperament greatly, lacing his words with an anger to which he was unaccustomed.

"Please... You and I both know that I can't do that, otherwise I'd have done so by now..." She could feel the anger behind his words--it was a nice change to the other embarrassment she had been leeching for some time now. "You've come this far already, why not continue forward? Then you can head back to your precious inn knowing that you've saved the life of another one of your kin... Isn't that nice that you have compassion and sympathy for your fellow man?"

With a frustrated sigh, Takeuchi nodded in acquiescence. She was right, he was duty-bound to help others in their time of need, and if he was not capable of making sacrifices for the sake of humanity then he would need to consider a change of career. "J-J-Just lead the w-way."

"With pleasure, Takeuchi..." she grinned, displaying a row of sharpened teeth. "Follow me, then..." With that, she continued to slither toward the east.

Takeuchi limped along quickly, wincing as he tried to keep up with her pace, hopefully this ordeal would not take much longer and he could rid himself of her insufferable presence.