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Snippet #2400549

located in Uptown, a part of As you wish, Master., one of the many universes on RPG.


Uptown known as the city of dreams, where only the filthy rich with their servants life. Anything is possible in Uptown.


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Character Portrait: Mio Misaki Character Portrait: Elsa Rowan Character Portrait: Elliot Forsberg Character Portrait: Apollo Sinclair
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The girl followed Elliot's request, the first step she took out Elliot couldn't help but notice how stunning that dress was. Slowly turning his head up towards Elsa he couldn't help himself but blush. "It's absolutely stunning on you." blurted out Elliot the truth before he was quickly disrupted unpurposely "I appreciate the effort and thought you put into this but... I would feel much more comfortable in my suit... Of course, if it really is your wish for me to wear this I will happily do so."

The boy placed his arm on his hip, exchanging Elsa a confused glance "I don't understand why wouldn't you want to wear such a lovely dress, you would be the center piece to the entire ballroom. I mean look at how exquisite those stones are, they're practically shining brighter than the sun as we speak." said Elliot pointing towards the dress with his hand. A sigh came out as his other arm rose in the air sleeking his hand through his curly, fire red hair.

Elliot tried not to be selfish at this point, it wouldn't be fair to make someone do something they wouldn't want to do. His ruby gems which are known to be eyes narrowed, looking down the hallway. "Well if you really want, you can wear your suit. I just thought it would be a nice gesture since you do so much for me." said Elliot if a sort of cold tone to it, "I'm not going to force you to wear it, but I just thought it would of looked nice." carried on the boy, trying to make Elsa feel guilty.

The ball was going to start very soon, Elliot was sure that all of his guests were at home getting ready to celebrate. "Well Elsa are you going to wear the dress or not? Cause if you are than I must wear a suit that I have recently bought which matches to your dress." asked Elliot curiously wondering what her final answer was, he asked with a bit of a hesitated voice knowing the ball was very soon.



"I'm sorry master." Mumbeled Mio outloud as her master started to walk ahead of her. Mio sort of started to feel guilty Apollo was right she didn't know him at all, maybe she needed to stop being so comfortable around him and to start being more professional, showing no emotion towards him and just get the job done.

Mio started walking through the crowds of people at the plaza, following her master back home. She stared at his long, gold silked hair that was falling down around his shoulders, his head was staring down. Mio said no word to him as she walked down every street in silence. "I didn't mean to upset him.. I just wanted to make him happy" wondered Mio to herself as she got lost into her thoughts.

Once the girl with pink hair tied with two boys caught her own attention she remembered something they needed to do "Master Apollo." She said in a clear, loud tone for him to hear her as there was no response. "Master Apollo!" She yelled out, once again no response. The girl than started to pace quickly as she passed her master and stopped right in front of him, she looked up at the figure that was twice her size. "You forgot to get the Forsberg's a gift." She said calmly staring into his deep blue eyes.