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Olive reassured him that she was fine, then they both turned their attention to the envelope. Damien Jackson. He had no clue who that was, but then again, he wasn't very well versed in who was who anyway, since he hadn't spent but a few hours now outside the silent confines of Heartland's scientific jail. The only person he would have had any chance of knowing was Adina, but even with a few scans of the crowd he hadn't spotted the pretty doll yet. Perhaps it was for the best? Maybe Adi would always remain an elusive advice giver, some almost fantasy that reminded him of that very fine line between alive and dead. He couldn't help but want to see the doll though, putting aside such romantic concepts. He received the letter from Olive and scanned through the well crafted script quickly. His mouth thinned to a line as distrust welled in his system. Perhaps it was some instinct hardwired deep in his electrical soul, but he didn't want to let Olive out of his sight under such questionable circumstances.

It seemed that she shared his mindset, and he nodded silently in agreement. He would accompany her. It might not do them any good, but at least it would bring him solace. She smiled at him, and he blinked back at her, warming a little, though his thoughts were still stony as he thought about what exactly this Damien guy wanted from her. While he was still relatively innocent, there were some things he had learned, and those were enough to make him distrustful of leaving Olive alone with anyone. Let alone a man.

He blinked at her again as she continued, asking him if he recognized anyone. He sat down next to her, as she motioned, and made a small shrug. "Don't worry, I'm new here too. Nobody rings a bell for me. They all kind of look the same, actually." He squinted a bit at all the chiffon-dressed ladies and tuxedo-ed men as if to try and discern them from each other. It was quite impossible. All the faces blended into each other like a great mass of perfume and caked-on beauty. At some points it was difficult to tell the two different types of synthetic appeal apart, those with faces built to be beautiful, and those who had carefully sculpted theirs with products and methods. Not like he was one to talk. He looked just as generically handsome as any other male doll on the market, but a bit more morose and brooding than most. And a tad bit older than most. It seemed that most people preferred their dolls fresh faced, despite what age the owner in question was. Well, hypothetically, all the dolls here save for those programmed with the memories of another were technically children, though children with minds incredibly adept at processing information.

He examined the woman as she spoke again, a hint of sadness in her voice. Not a glamorous life? Well, how could that bother him. It would be all he knew, so it wasn't like he could long for anything. And she was most likely better than most of these fools here, who would treat him like a little lap dog and bark orders at him all the time. She reached out and straightened his jacket, and he lifted his hand to take hers. "I don't mind." His face ghosted with a smile for a moment before he fell back into more serious thinking. "I don't think I would enjoy this "glamour" all that much anyway. It seems tedious."

He swept his eyes out over the crowd again thoughtfully, and wondered what would happen to Adina. What kind of life did Adi want? What kind of life had he possessed? Would he get it back. Isaac had made up his mind to be happy for the time being, and he hoped Adi would be happy too.