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located in Uptown, a part of As you wish, Master., one of the many universes on RPG.


Uptown known as the city of dreams, where only the filthy rich with their servants life. Anything is possible in Uptown.


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Character Portrait: Aven Otis Character Portrait: Ren Shotuo
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"Do I have to go?"

Aven sighed. She had to remember her master was still young and if she couldn't stand balls and parties, she had to imagine he couldn't either. "That isn't really my decision, sir. I can't force you to do anything. I'm sure your parents would like you to go."

Her master walked off, obviously disappointed. What was Aven to do? She was a servant, obviously unable to control her master and most certainly not able to bark orders at Ren. She felt bad- she must have sounded like a stick in the mud to the small boy, but she knew his parents would not wish him to stay home. If he disobeyed or forced his parents to allow him to stay home, it was on his conscience, not hers, although she would probably get scolded for it anyway.

She was about to find her master and try to console him by telling him reasons the ball would be fun, like there would probably be good food, which his young taste buds probably wouldn't approve of anyway, lots of people to talk to, and maybe even some cute girls his age, but was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. She opened the door to find not a person, but a package. His suit had arrived early. Aven smiled and picked it up, letting the door shut behind her. She opened it and looked at the suit inside, it looking maybe a size too big. Aven puffed out her cheeks in frustration, but it was probably much to late to go demand a new one or a refund. She sighed and went on a hunt for her master. He wasn't too hard to find, standing on a balcony over the garden. She coughed, getting his attention.

"Sir, your suit has arrived, although I'm afraid it may be a size or two too large. Would you like to try it on and see, or have me take it back and try to get a new one?" Aven said, nervously, hoping he didn't choose the latter.