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Eric smiled at Melody and watched bemusedly as she ran for the nearest ladies room which happened to be in Hooters. “Humans” He said softly to himself with a shrug. Even if he had access to his memories, the thousand year old vampire barely understood what it was to be human. He’d spent much more of his time being undead than alive and he preferred it that way. Instead of waiting for his companion patiently, Eric decided to fly back to the boardwalk and back to a booth that had interested him.

To most of humanity Eric looked like a human being, his Nordic ancestry and its inherent paleness definitely gave him a bit of an edge when it came to passing as living person. Although the fact that he had no idea how to act like a normal person certainly impeded him. The vampire did nothing to hide his superior strength, enhanced senses or unique oddness that comes along with being a supernatural creature.

“Step right up, son! You look like a man who knows a bargain when he sees one. Three darts, one buck. You get all orange balloons you get the big prize, how bout it?” The older, bearded man asked Eric with a toothless grin, as the vampire walked towards the gaming booth “C’mon now, bet there’s some girl out there who wouldn't mind one of those big old teddy bears to keep her warm at night when you’re away.” He finished his pitch with a wink.

Eric was finally convinced and pulled a wrinkled dollar out of his slim fitting trousers and handed it to the grizzled man standing before him. Taking the darts in his massive hands he looked at them suspiciously before touching the tip of his finger to a sharp point, sticking his finger in his mouth he tasted his own blood before his wound healed of its own accord. While the vendor looked at the tall, blond man standing before him, wondering if the giant man was a bit touched in the head or simple, Eric quickly loosed the darts with superhuman speed. Three orange balloons popped simultaneously and the cigar the old man had been chewing on dropped from his gaping mouth.

“I want the pink one.” Eric said nonchalantly, pointing at the vast arrays of stuffed animals hanging above his head.
“You’re a vamper, and you cheated. You got nothing, now just move on.” The vendor replied, pissed that he hadn’t been able to tell that the mark in front of him was a vampire. Eric moved so quickly that the man had no time to react. One moment he was free and the next he had a hand like steel wrapped around his throat. “There are no signs stating vampires can’t play your games, and as a matter of fact I think that falls under discrimination…maybe. I can’t remember, but either way I’m taking the pink one. Now the only question is are you going to hand it to me or are you going to make me get it myself?

Slowly the man reached up and plucked twitchingly at a teddy bear until he violently pulled one down and showed it at Eric. Releasing the man, Eric looked at the white teddy bear in his possession and shrugged as he propelled himself back into the air and back to where Melody would be waiting for him. Landing gently he looked around and made no notice of Melody, immediately he was concerned. Dropping the bear in the street he quickly forgot about it and went to look for her.

Striding into the restaurant he waved away the hostess and walked to where the bathrooms were, dutifully following the signs. Nearly there and upon the still unconscious vampire, his attention was caught by the sound of Melody calling for him, for a moment he felt like his heart had leapt into his throat and within seconds he was at her side. Of course he caused quite the disturbance when he arrived virtually out of nowhere and with fangs blazing. Eric was on the offense and would immediately tear anyone apart who would hurt her or try to come between them.

Ignoring the murmurs, whispers and scandalized looks he received he went to gently lift Melody’s gaze to his by trying to deftly lift her chin with two of his fingers. “I’m here, Melody. What’s wrong, what happened? Are you hurt?” He asked quietly as he began to take stock of his companion’s state, absent-mindedly trying to ascertain her injuries by attempting to run his hands along her shoulders and arms.

“Everyone back off.” Eric called behind him firmly, the press of the crowd beginning to make him agitated and nervous. “Did you hear that, he wants us to back off? Well, last I checked I don’t take orders from vampires and we’re not gonna let you just waltz off with an after-dinner snack. That girl is sick and we’re gonna help her.” A bleached blonde woman in her mid to late thirties replied sassily to Eric, but was surprised when he didn’t react the way she thought.

“She’s sick? What do you mean sick? What happened to her?” The anxious vampire asked hastily, his desire to protect Melody readily apparent on his usually non-expressive face.

It was then he heard the sirens and the fight or flight instinct took hold, if he was alone perhaps he’d be more interested in playing with the authorities but time seemed to be of the essence. Turning his attention back to Melody, he moved to gather her in his arms.“Are you well enough to move? I’ll take you home and we’ll figure it out. I promise