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located in Cityton, a part of Super Hero High School, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Ivy Abbott Character Portrait: Marcus Steel Character Portrait: Whitney Adams
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She sat in the shadows at the side of the school, snapping away on her camera. Ivy wasn't one for the first day of school socialization everyone else seemed to feed off of. She was more for staying quiet and not dealing with the tell tale high school drama, but ten minutes into her first day on campus and she was already getting stared at and whispered about. She was the only person without the ability to fly who didn't take the bus to school like everyone else and that wasn't helping with her desperation not to come off as a villain.

She continued taking pictures of the campus and the unsuspecting students when someone getting off the bus that just landed caught her eye. He was handsome but he hid it. He wore thick, black rimmed glasses and dressed very understatedly, like he didn't want to be noticed. But she noticed him anyway, because she knew instantly who he was. He was Marcus Steel, the son of her father's nemesis The Man of Steel. Normal children of super heroes/villains would immediately resent the child of their parents' nemesis, but not Ivy. She couldn't hate Marcus because there was just something about him, something she couldn't hate.

Right as she snapped his photograph, Marcus turned and looked straight at her. Startled, by the fact that he'd looked at her or the fact that she'd been caught photographing him she couldn't tell, Ivy jumped slightly and let her camera hang around her neck. Hoisting her bag onto her shoulder, Ivy stepped back and let herself dissolve into the shadows. She searched until she found a shadow near the front steps of the school. As she reappeared in front of the building, she sucked in a deep breath and headed towards Marcus.

Before she could reach him, though, someone's arm shoots out and a bony hand latches onto her upper arm, effectively halting her. Ivy whirls around to look right into the face of evil, otherwise known as Whitney Adams, the most popular child of The Robin and The Hawk, two notorious Heroes with the ability to fly.

"You're the Burning Man's kid," Whitney states with a nasally voice. It's not a question. Ivy gives the blonde a flat, bored look.

"And you're the egg head kid of The Robin and Hawk." Whitney glares at her remark and flips her sleek blonde hair over her shoulder.

"You better watch yourself, freak." she seethes. Ivy scoffs and rolls her eyes at her.

"Or what, you'll talk me to death?"

"Funny," Whitney says sarcastically. "Just remember, this is my school. Mess with me and I'll make sure you get pitched off the side of the campus and never come back."

With that she flips her hair, again, and struts off towards the hoard of Heroes near the center of the front courtyard. Ivy takes a deep breath as she glares at the girl's retreating figure before turning around towards the buses. She searches for Marcus, only to see him heading off towards the courtyard.