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Snippet #2403103

located in Las Vegas, a part of Las Vegas: Skin City, one of the many universes on RPG.

Las Vegas



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Character Portrait: Jaylene Sullivan Character Portrait: Summer Vorhees Character Portrait: Liam Bradach
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Passion Pit drilled into Jaylene's head as she plucked apart a golden pancake with her index fingers and thumbs. All throughout her breakfast, she was silent and indisposed to coffee that Liam continued to ask her to drink. His dusky eyes burrowed against the image of Jaylene, still half asleep and displeased by her lack of loop holes. Crossing arms against his trunk, he raised a brow and glanced to the glittering sun beyond the confines of his apartment. Despite his slightly improper posture, he still loomed over Jaylene. Finally she peered up at him, her eyes shooting daggers. At this Liam straightened his posture and dropped his arms to his sides, "Really?"

At first her finger tips traced the fruit bowl in front of her, then she seized the pottery with both hands, dumping the fruit out. Liam only watched in silence, confused. Mid-swing of her arms, she stopped and set the bowl down. It was then that she realized depression had subdued the real Jaylene, forcing anger and sadness into her blood stream to deputize for the cocaine she'd been missing. She was acting out precise withdrawal symptoms. In the periphery of her vision, Liam turned away from her and set an empty mug in the sink as if so conversant with the teenager's hell fury, that he wasn't even surprised. Jaylene didn't breathe for what felt like minutes. Crushed by the discernment within herself, she lowered herself back into the dining room chair. Slow, shaky hands placed two bananas, an apple and a plum back into the small basin one by one.

ImageLiam knew she was upset that he'd tripped her up so bad and beat her at her own game - that he was more or less giving her no other option but to leave the house. Liam knew that Jaylene knew when Demi showed up, she'd be absolutely heartbroken if Liam's girlfriend wasn't joining them for her first ever Electric Daisy Festival. He wasn't really one for using extortion, but Jaylene had become so quick with excuses and insults that Liam was literally running out of options. With the urge fought to scratch his nails against his scalp, to face palm or even knock something over, Liam yawned. Besides, he'd already precisely styled his hair into a side slick. Rubbing his hands together for a moment, focusing on two particular callouses on his left palm, he felt the quietude absorbing his home. He could sense that she'd left the kitchen, even pushed the chair in and fixed the fruit bowl before going anywhere. Within minutes he could hear the water pressure squealing from the bathroom, then the jets from the shower head shooting against the tile. As much as he'd have liked to accepted this easily as a victory, he still felt somewhat guilty for pressuring Jaylene into going to the festival.

But it was only fair that he gave her her space. After cleaning up the kitchen and reluctantly putting away pancake leftovers, he made his way to the bedroom. Prior to making breakfast, Liam pulled the blinds so the sun could ignite the bedroom with glory. In the midst of making the bed he heard humming, muffled singing and sighing from the bathroom. A reflection with dark eyes and hollow cheeks stared back at Liam. He was standing before the lengthwise mirror on the opposite side of the bathroom door, cuffing his straight leg khakis at the seam and brushing off fresh boat shoes when the song she was singing became familiar and the running water shut off.

"I'm on my own, never say anything right.
I'm on my own, never say anything right.
I'm on my own, never say anything right.
I'm on my own, never say anything right."

ImageJaylene trilled to herself quietly, the iHome playing just loudly enough for her to hear it over the shower. Blindly her hand grasped for the knob to turn off the water. She was fighting her inner demons which were telling her not to bother having a good time or genuinely attempting to make the best of things. Manicured nails grated the surface of her skin as she ran her hands through her hair and dried it. Fuck it. Whatever. If she was going to go to the festival she was going to take her sweet ass time and making sure every meticulous detail of her appearance was nothing short of on point. So when she finally emerged from the bathroom, her sunshine hair fashioned into loose spirals and her lips painted cherry red, Liam and Demi were waiting for her.

Demi was far darker in complexion than Liam - she'd obviously taken to the sun from a young age. But her eyes were the same almond shape, mysteriously dark and inviting. She was slightly taller than Jaylene, and even skinnier. It appeared that she went all out for the festival, bright green eyeshadow smoking around her umber eyes and a tie-dyed dress clinging to her figure. And there stood Jaylene, far from the girl she would have been a few months ago, but still with the same aura in her high-low mint colored dress and nude pumps. Sure, she was overdressed - but she wasn't positive she even wanted to fit in at the event. Demi squeaked with excitement and swooned over Jaylene's outfit, "Oh my god! You look great! Did your legs get like, five inches longer? Holy shit - your makeup! God, you and Liam are going to look like a model couple lost at a parade." Demi pushed some hair from her dark eyes, and shot up from the couch and ran into the bedroom, jumping up and down.

Image"We are gonna' paaaaarty," she crooned, bumping her hip into Jaylene's then hugging the girl.
"Definitely," Jaylene smiled vaguely over Demi's shoulder at Liam who was in awe of the Sullivan's girl rejuvenation.
"I can't wait to snatch me up some fresh meat."
"Ha!" Jaylene burst into laughter at Liam's blatant discomfort over what his little sister had just said.

Instead of taking the car, they all settled on walking. Liam recognized the noticeable distance between himself and Jaylene. Rather than being glued to his arm, digging her nails into the fabric of his shirt for comfort, she was trotting along with Demi. Was she spiting him? Was he being punished for wanting her to have fun? It didn't matter regardless of her reasoning, so he happily hung back behind the girls, hands in his pockets and a smirk on his face as they strolled past admission and got their bracelets.

A candied scent carried in the air, pervading Jaylene's senses and shocking the withdrawal privately in her soul. Demi ran ahead, leaving Jaylene behind as she bloomed spontaneously into life and color as soon as she merged with the music, the crowd and the coloration. And she fit in perfectly, her face resplendent and every bit of her completely alive. In no time she was dancing a couple hundred feet away, having flowers placed in her hair by random entrants that donned rainbow tutus, face paint and glitter. Jaylene simpered to herself, the ghost of recollection weighing on her thoughts. That's who I am, too - or… who I used to be. Arms slid around her waist, a familiar jawline resting just beyond the nape of her neck, "Take, take me back to your bed; I love you so much that it hurts my head." His breath chilled her, its spike traveling down her spine and tearing open a hunger that ached for his mouth against hers. But she declined, not thrilled by his attempt to charm her with familiar lyrics, pulling away from him and proceeding towards the thundering music, the harlequin lights and the sinking sun.

Yeah, I'm being punished, he thought to himself as he watched the rhythm of her hips get further away, but never to unite with the crowd. She stood out.

ImageJaylene ultimately traveled so far from both Demi and Liam that she found herself at the end of a long cue of people, waiting to get on the ferris wheel. So many of them had approached her, their overly sensitive hands wanting to touch her face, play with her earrings like chimes and feel the fabric of her dress. And she'd oblige them, knowing completely well that the essence of a successful trip had everything to do with touch, taste, and smell. A part of her began to cave in when she saw bowed heads, soon to shoot up and sniff heartily. But how pathetic would she look, asking to get a bump from complete strangers?

In the polychromatic crowd, the Sullivan girl glanced back and forth, once or twice mistaking complete strangers for people she knew. People she left back home. The emphatic music drilled into her, her visuals painted by twirling femmes, flickering hulahoops and body friction. Pivoting slightly, she swung her eyes towards a less colorful sight, one that ironically wiped all of the hue from her face. Discernible, undulated hair, alluring collar bones and those unmistakable inviting eyes. Summer.

"Thought I lost you." Liam interrupted the image of home, deterring Jaylene.
"Holy shit, Liam, you scared me." she said, trying to peek around his shoulder.
"See something interesting?" He grinned.
"I could have sworn…"
"Relax, Soda Pop," he joked, "No one is here that you know."
"Ugh," she sighed, hearing the old nickname making made her raw and homesick for someone else, "I swore. Seriously… Fucking weird…"
"You're probably just confused by all the shit going on around you. Sometimes I get like that - think I'm seeing people I recognize when really they're just strangers. Cool off, have fun." He cupped her chin and kissed her supple scarlet lips.