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located in Corell, a part of Adacia, one of the many universes on RPG.


The Capital of Adacia


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Elsebeth looked up at the man who had just come into the throne room ; she took a step away from him instinctively , her eyes fixed on the glint of his sword. Why on earth had she come here? This was ridiculous, since she'd arrived on dry land she'd struggled to speak, struggled to walk and now it looks like she's going to die. Brilliant.

The man said some words that she didn't understand and she shook her head slowly, holding her hands up a little way, trying to show that she couldn't understand. He smiled and Elsebeth smiled nervously back, starting to think that maybe it wouldn't be terrible if she did stay, at any rate she wouldn't be able to run away very fast and they would get her. So she might as well try and talk to him.