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“Eric...Don't let them...Don't let them take me to the doctor...Needles and...scalpels...” Her voice was a soft whine as she leaned into Eric's chest, placing her hands on his waist and curling her fingers, grasping the fabric of his shirt gently. “They'll know. They'll find out. But they won't know.” She whispered softly, closing her eyes as a tear trickled down her cheek. “You...know” The blonde woman that had previously sassed Eric lifted a brow, debating whether she should move closer or not. Melody lifted her head and gave a nod. “Yes...But its not what you think – I'm safe with him. He saved me. But...I'm not sick. It was just the Vampire attack. I'm sure I'll be fine with some rest and healthy food.” She gave as much of a reassuring smile as she could manage, her bottom lip just barely trembling. The blonde woman wasn't sure exactly what sort of expression to make at the scene before her as Melody wrapped her arms around Eric.

“Well. You can't leave yet. This is the scene of a crime. I'm sure the police will have a few questions for you.” The blonde's tone of voice was very much matter-of-factly as she flipped her hair over her shoulder, trying to retain an air of superciliousness. Melody gave a light nod, wiping gently at the tears that formed just under her eyes. It was at that moment that the police walked in. “Alright – What happened here? Something about a Vampire attack?” The man's voice was deep and thickly accented with a Southern drawl. Melody slid gently from her perch, holding onto Eric as so to steady herself. She let her hand slide down his arm and grasp his own hand as she faced the officers with their notepads out, ready to listen to her account of what happened. “I came in to use the restroom and while I was washing my hands a Vampire woman came in and attacked me.” She tilted her head to the side and pointed to the bite marks on her neck. She was glad that even with gallons of her blood on the floor in the bathroom and blood still flowing slowly down the crevice of her neck, Eric was able to keep his cool. For a moment, she even worried that maybe her blood didn't appeal to him.

Why did that make her sad, though?

She brought herself out of her thoughts to see the officers taking notes vigorously. “And...I was screaming and hitting and scratching her and there was just blood everywhere and suddenly she fell on the floor unconscious and like..spit out a lot of my blood. I think some of hers, too.” She left out the bit about her shooting energy into the Vampire because she knew all to well from watching the news and hearing thoughts just how humans felt about anything nonhuman. The officer at the front stopped writing and lifted his brow some. “So...The fanger just stopped in the middle of...eating? I thought fangers were like sharks in frenzy when they eat.” He held a suspicious tone of voice, taking a step closer. Melody offered a nonchalant shrug and a confused expression. “I've heard that Vampires have...allergies. Like humans. Certain blood types they can't ingest. I guess she was allergic to mine...And I ate some garlic bread with my spaghetti before I left out earlier. I read somewhere that they're like...weak or something against garlic.” She did her best to feign innocence, watching with large violet eyes as the officer gave a nod, clearly finding her explanation plausible. Another officer came to his side, whispering in his ear. “I'm sorry – But is there any way to expedite this? I lost a lot of blood and I'm getting a headache from it. I'd really like to just eat and get some rest.” Melody wiped a tear from her cheek using the heel of her hand, sniffling for effect.

“Alright – So. Who's this feller?” He eyed Eric, obviously feeling uneasy by the tall, intimidating Viking. “He's my bodyguard. Very confidential Vampire Business. My life would be endangered if I spoke about it out loud. Its also much safer for you if you didn't know, either.” She was doing her best to weave a tale that would keep their mind off the case. Dammit! If only Eric could glamour them all. “Please. Could we just talk about this later? I really need some rest.” She leaned against Eric, her eyelids drooping. The officer still seemed a bit suspicious but waved it off as he caught Melody's chromatic gaze. A feeling of pity washed over him as he looked at the distressed girl and offered a nod. “We'll be in contact.” Not if Melody had anything to do with it; She was going to ask that Eric glamour the officers later and make them drop the case. The petite girl twirled a raven curl and gave a nod and a weak smile before looking up to Eric. “Can we go home now...?”