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Snippet #2404506

located in Uptown, a part of As you wish, Master., one of the many universes on RPG.


Uptown known as the city of dreams, where only the filthy rich with their servants life. Anything is possible in Uptown.


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Character Portrait: Victorique Lamperouge
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”If you knew the truth about the Young Miss.. then you wouldn’t be saying that she does things for her own liking.” Axel only shot a glance over at her, his brows furrowed in confusion. "What do you mean?"[/color] He questioned as he continued to clean only to notice another maid scuttling down with fresh tea and scones made and set beautifully, but before Axel could ask her what it was for, the maid had ran off without another word. Weird. His brows furrowed some more, finishing up the clean up as he stood only to have the new tray given to him.

”Oh come on.. the Young Miss wouldn’t do something so rash... now then, why don’t you go and take this to her?” Axels eyes widened , holding the tray out to give to her. "R-Really? I mean, do you think that's a great idea!?" He called out to her in a panic, looking around the deserted hallway in hopes to find another maid or butler to bestow this responsibility on. No such luck. Axel only pout, staring down at the tray with a hefty sigh before turn to venture through the mansion once more, taking a moment to pull his phone out of his pocket to glance at the time. Another gift from his father. He noted that it was approaching time for Victorique to begin her process of getting ready for the ball, actually, it was running slightly behind seeing as neither the hair dresser nor makeup artist had arrived yet. Axel only huffed, he hated late people which was ironic since he usually found himself losing track.

Finding the music room, Axel managed to knock before waltzing in, still failing to wait to be allowed in as he, very carefully, made his way over to his daydreaming mistress. He swallowed hard at the sight of the white couch before clearing his throat to regain her attention, "It was suggested that I bring you a new breakfast. Some are concerned about you.." He added, remembering what Renee had mentioned earlier about his Mistresses' lack of eating. "I apologize for breakfast earlier" He finally managed to say after a moment of silence, fighting the embarrassment and heat that flooded his cheeks as he held his tray slightly towards her, as an offering for her to at least eat something and not only the tea. "The scones are fresh.." He tempted, slightly waving the tray as if to entice her into eating one. As the full smell of the perfect breakfast hit his nose, his stomach rumbled even though it still couldn't sit well with the food of the upperclass.

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