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located in Cityton, a part of Super Hero High School, one of the many universes on RPG.




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Character Portrait: Ivy Abbott Character Portrait: Samantha Russo Character Portrait: Marcus Steel
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“I’m Samantha by the way,” the girl said to Ivy as she pulled her in the direction of the gym. Ivy made a noise, acknowledging that she heard the girl, but didn't say anything. She was never one for conversation, mostly because everyone thought that just because her father was a super villain she was evil too and assumed that she was going to either lie all the time or be a bully.

As the two girls entered the gym, they were immediately swallowed by the sea of Freshmen around them. Ivy felt eyes on her almost instantly, feeling nervous and annoyed by all the staring and not so subtle whispering about her, she dropped Samantha’s arm and slid back into the shadows. When she reappeared at the very back of the crowd, Principle Heroine stepped up on the make shift platform that was set up for power placement that would take place in a few moments and looked out over the crowd of teens.

“Welcome Freshmen to Super Hero High. Here you will be taught how to use your unique powers for the greater good of the world and to protect the human population,” the principle’s eyes landed on Ivy as she said this. Ivy fought the urge to scowl. She looked the part of a villain in training, at least that’s what everyone thought. She wore a black button down shirt with dark ripped jeans and black shoes- not exactly hero style- and she had one visible tattoo of a key hole on the back of her neck because her white hair was pulled up into a pony tail. Her chances of coming off as an innocent sidekick were slim.

“But before we can teach you anything,” the principle continued, “you have to be sorted. In a few moments, Coach Thunder will take my place on the platform and you will all be called up one by one. You will tell the coach your power, then he will select how to test your power to see if you should be placed in the Hero track or the Sidekick track. Alright, let’s begin.”

The principle left the stage and a man in his late thirties took her place. He looked over the crowd for a moment before pointing a finger at a girl near Ivy. “You,” he said, “come up here.” The girl didn't even bother to look nervous as she confidently went up onto the platform. “What’s your power?”

“I can fly,” she answers. The coach smirks, looking at the remote in his hand before pressing a button. Without warning, the part of the platform the girl stands on springs up, launching her into the air. The girl isn't fazed, simply turning and flying back to the platform. The coach grins.

“Hero!” he bellows, his voice echoing throughout the gym. The placement testing continues like this for what seems like hours until the bell finally rings.

“Alright, we’ll continue this after lunch,” Coach Thunder says, his eyes scanning the crowd of freshmen yet to be placed. “And we’ll start with…” his eyes land on Ivy standing just outside of the shadows and he smirks.

“Starting with you.” He says, pointing at her. She rolls her eyes and follows everyone else out of the gym and towards the cafeteria. As she enters, the cafeteria goes silent. Scowls at everyone in the nearby area that’s not so discretely staring at her and everyone abruptly looks away from her and goes back to their conversations.

Ivy heads towards the back corner of the cafeteria, where an empty table sits partially in the shadows and takes a seat there in case she decides she needs to make a quick escape. Ducking her head, she pulls out her dog eared copy of Looking for Alaska and starts to reread it when someone sits down across from her with a lunch tray. Glancing up, she scowls slightly.

“Are you sure you want to be seen with me Marcus?”