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located in Uptown, a part of As you wish, Master., one of the many universes on RPG.


Uptown known as the city of dreams, where only the filthy rich with their servants life. Anything is possible in Uptown.


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Character Portrait: Aven Otis Character Portrait: Ren Shotuo
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Aven waited nervously outside the changing room as her master tried on the baggy suit. She felt foolish, although it wasn't really her fault. She had ordered the right size anyway, the people had got it wrong, but she somehow twisted it around, feeling that it was her fault. Her master re-emerged wearing the suit. It was indeed big on him, not so big that he couldn't move in it, but it revealed how small the boy was... and how horribly she had messed up.

"What do you think?" her master asked. She gave a nervous shrug.

"The decision is up to you, sir. The ball is starting some time soon so I don't think if I took it back I would have anything in time." the maid said, fretting. Her eyes widened as an idea went through her mind.

"I've thought of something that just might work, if you'll allow me," she said, pulling the bobby pins out of her hair and causing her bangs to crash like a tidal wave onto her forehead. She got on one knee, not to reach his size, for a girl of her height didn't need to bend down too much to reach the small boy, but to get level with the suit. Making her way awkwardly on her knees to the back of him, she pulled the extra baggy parts of his sleeves and pulled them back, pinning them down to the suit with her bobby pins. She continued this until, from the front view, the suit looked almost perfect.

She stood up and looked at her master, smiling at her good work. "I must say, you look quite dashing," Aven said, chuckling. "It may look a bit strange from the back, but most people will be looking at you from the front, I would suppose, sir. Is it alright?" she asked, nodding to the mirror for him to have a look. She shoved her bangs, which fell into her eyes, out of the way. She had more bobby pins that she would have to fetch at some point, but now she had to make sure her young master was pleased with her work on his suit.

(I can't seem to write very long posts for Aven. :[ Sorry it's short, I'll work on making her's longer.)